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Bet your bottom Dollar


I don’t have any official sales figures handy…but judging solely from conversations that I’ve had with Radio Spirits CEO Mark Tepper in the past (he actually takes my calls!), I’d say it’s safe to state that the many Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar CD collections released by the company over the years are among the popular and best-selling items in the RS inventory.  I’ve contributed liner notes to four of those sets myself, and in giving away copies on the blog in the past there’s always a sizable number of entries in each contest.

21586So I probably won’t be too surprised to see the responses to our latest swag giveaway here at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear: a chance to win a copy of Fabulous Freelance, a compendium of Johnny Dollar broadcasts released in 2017.  All of the broadcasts in this collection star Bob Bailey as that “man with the action-packed expense account”; the first five discs feature five of the multi-part Dollar stories (all from 1956) and the remainder are half-hour shows from 1957 and 1958.  (Two of the serials are missing chapters but they’re still fairly easy to follow.  Just wanted to issue that caveat emptor.)

As Portland Hoffa might say: “Shall we go?”  Here are the details to enter the giveaway:

1) Send an e-mail with “Fabulous Freelance” in the subject header to igsjrotr(at)gmail(dot)com. You have until 11:59pm EST on May 18, 2019 (next Saturday) to enter. As usual, if you’re squeamish about providing me “full details” (little reference to Bailey’s other starring OTR series) you don’t have to provide me with a mailing address when you enter…if your name is the lucky one picked, however, I will need the snail-mail so I can send you your prize.  (That makes sense, I’m sure you’ll agree.) 

bailey42) You will need to be a resident of either the U.S. or Canada to participate.  I’d like to be obscenely wealthy and be able to open up this contest to a much wider audience…but unless I’m lucky to clean up with this pile of scratch-off tickets I bought in an alcoholic haze (that’s the name of the liquor store where they were purchased, by the way) I have to keep an eye on the postal costs. 

3) If you’ve been a previous winner in a TDOY giveaway, I ask that you wait thirty days before entering another contest so that someone without your phenomenal streak of good fortune gets a chance to win some swag.  Courtesy is contagious! 

bob-bailey4) I will choose a winner (via the Random Number Generator at the morning of May 12 and inform the lucky individual via e-mail.  After that, they will be feted in a special blog post that will attract the attention of their friends and neighbors…who will shun them afterward for agreeing to have their name associated with mine.  (But they’ll have a copy of Fabulous Freelance to shove in their faces, so what do they care?) 

This Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar collection from Radio Spirits will make the perfect gift for the OTR fan in your family…or you can keep it for your own shelf, and no one will shame you if you do.  But you cannot win if you don’t enter…and remember: Thrilling Days of Yesteryear is the phrase that pays!

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