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A little housecleaning

The blog has been fallow for a few days, so I regret the lack of activity...but as we were welcoming in July I received a notice in the mail that Oglethorpe County requested my presence as a Superior Court “traverse juror” the week of August 7.  Yes, it’s the time-honored practice of drawing jury duty;… Continue reading A little housecleaning

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Starz and stripes

The folks at DISH—sensing that it might be a sensible idea to remain on my good side—offered up what they call "Kids Binge-a-Palooza" in the latter part of July this month.  (Apparently this is their second year of sponsoring this, having had a month-long celebration previously in 2017.)  What this entails is offering subscribers gratis… Continue reading Starz and stripes


From the DVR: …and justice for all. (1979)

By any measure of the yardstick, Arthur Kirkland (Al Pacino) should not be a member of the legal profession.  He’s far too principled.  Which is not to disparage lawyers, you understand—it's just that Kirkland has difficulty functioning in a world where integrity and ethics take a backseat to winning at all costs.  Asked by his… Continue reading From the DVR: …and justice for all. (1979)


My heroes have always been in documentaries

I’m sorry that the blog has been kind of quiet over the past week; the good folks at DISH were generous enough to give us an HBO/Cinemax freeview, and I spent a little time getting re-acquainted with some old favorites including Secretary (2002—with my gal Maggie Gyllenhaal) and The Devil Wears Prada (2006).  (Prada may… Continue reading My heroes have always been in documentaries

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Workin’ for the (freeview) weekend

Good news, everyone!  DISH has bestowed upon us a "freeview" weekend of the Epix movie channel...and that's always most welcome here in the House of Yesteryear because while I'll admit their film offerings may suffer from a mild case of same-ol'-same-ol' (we're only getting the free weekend because Epix is promoting a new series entitled… Continue reading Workin’ for the (freeview) weekend

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My Gun is Restless

What I initially believed to be the permanent acquisition of getTV to the House of Yesteryear beginning in December of last year turned out to be premature; we apparently were receiving a “freeview” month courtesy of the holiday season…and so, the morning of January 2 brought much disappointment.  (I never received a memo about this,… Continue reading My Gun is Restless