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“And they used Bon Ami!”

Before my family and I relocated from Teays Valley to Ravenswood, West Virginia in the fall of 1972, I spent my formative years attending St. Francis of Assisi in St. Albans.  It was a Catholic school, and I’ve always had mixed feelings about it because while I remember with great fondness the wonderful friends I made… Continue reading “And they used Bon Ami!”


“You folks live out of town?”

Twin Oaks, Ohio plastics executive George Kellerman (Jack Lemmon) is being considered for a company promotion, which will require him to relocate—along with his wife Gwen (Sandy Dennis) and two children—to New York City.  Mr. and Mrs. Kellerman catch a flight to the Big Apple for George's interview, but from the moment they depart the… Continue reading “You folks live out of town?”


Guilty Pleasures: Deterrence (1999)

In 2008, U.S. President Walter Emerson (Kevin Pollak) is running for—well, technically not re-election...more like election.  You see, Emerson was appointed vice president by the previous Commander-in-Chief, and then assumed office after President Buchanan left this world for a better one.  Emerson's last-minute campaigning in Colorado has stranded him and several other members of his… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures: Deterrence (1999)


Guilty Pleasures: Sssssss (1973)

You might remember Phil Hall as the author of an excellent book that I reviewed back on the blog in August of 2016 entitled In Search of Lost Films; Hall, a film critic/journalist who has contributed to the likes of Film Threat and American Movie Classics Magazine, also wrote The Greatest Bad Movies of All Time, published in 2013 through BearManor Media—the… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures: Sssssss (1973)


Guilty Pleasures: Friday Foster (1975)

In the 1988 Blaxploitation movie spoof I’m Gonna Git You Sucka the film’s villain is revealed to be character great John Vernon (no slouch in the cinema bad guy department, by the way) …and Vernon has a little fun winking at the camera with an explanation of why he’s taking the money and running.  “I know you're surprised… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures: Friday Foster (1975)

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Guilty Pleasures: Ghost Catchers (1944)

In a review of Murder in the Blue Room (1944) that I wrote for the blog a while back, I slipped in a casual mention of how Tom Weaver, Michael Brunas, and John Brunas—authors of the amazing reference tome Universal Horrors—were not particularly enamored of the Ole Olsen-Chic Johnson comedy Ghost Catchers (1944).  Here’s what they have to say: It’s hard… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures: Ghost Catchers (1944)

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Movies I’ve stared at recently on TCM #72 (Biker film edition)

The Greatest Cable Channel Known to Mankind™ demonstrated real prescience on May 11th when they showcased an evening of “biker” films, in keeping with the recent Waco skirmish between motorcycle gangs that occurred over the weekend.  Admittedly, I’m not all that familiar with the genre that really got into high gear (pardon the pun) with the release… Continue reading Movies I’ve stared at recently on TCM #72 (Biker film edition)

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Guilty Pleasures: Ghost Chasers (1951)

It has been a while since we’ve taken a stroll down through the Bowery and availed ourselves of some confectionary treats at Louie’s Sweet Shop—I believe the last Bowery Boys movie that I wrote up here at TDOY was Crazy Over Horses (1951), which I did for My Love of Old Hollywood’s Horseathon back in May of 2012.  The Greatest Cable Channel Known… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures: Ghost Chasers (1951)

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Guilty Pleasures: It’s a Joke, Son! (1947)

In the 1921 D.W. Griffith classic Orphans of the Storm, the part of Joseph Schildkraut’s character as a child was played by a young actor born Kenneth Howard Delmar…who as “Kenny Delmar” would achieve great fame on radio, both as an announcer and thesp.  His earliest foray into the aural medium was working as an announcer… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures: It’s a Joke, Son! (1947)

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50s Monster Mash Blogathon: Tarantula (1955)

This essay is Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s contribution to the 50s Monster Mash Blogathon, which is currently underway at Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear from July 28 through August 2.  I want to warn any arachnophobes or people who get the willies from spiders that this post may contain some graphic pictures liable to do a number on those with heart conditions… Continue reading 50s Monster Mash Blogathon: Tarantula (1955)