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Guilty Pleasures: Shoot to Kill (1947)

As the opening credits to the 1947 low-budget noir Shoot to Kill come to a close, we witness a furious automobile chase in progress (which is also "teased" before the credits)…but because of the by-the-seat-of-the-pants lighting used in the production (as well as the somewhat beaten-up print of the movie), it’s a little hard to tell just… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures: Shoot to Kill (1947)

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The (‘rents) is too damn high #1

This will be the first in what will probably be a series of humorous articles (knock wood) on how life at Rancho Yesteryear has taken a wacky turn now that my mother, father and I have banded together and started lighthouse keeping light housekeeping at our new digs in Athens, Georgia… It’s been a little over a month since… Continue reading The (‘rents) is too damn high #1

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“Win as if you were used to it, lose as if you enjoyed it for a change…”

Oh, yeah—this blog’s getting highbrow this morning with a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote…but it’s the best one I could find to title this post that also announces the winner of TDOY’s Marlene giveaway, none other than Chuckie Award champion and She Blogged by Night proprietor Stacia Jones.  While Stacia takes her victory lap I want to thank everyone for… Continue reading “Win as if you were used to it, lose as if you enjoyed it for a change…”

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Just wanted to take a brief second from being smothered by cardboard boxes to remind the TDOY faithful that the deadline for entering the giveaway to win a free copy of Charlotte Chandler’s MARLENE: Marlene Dietrich – A Personal Biography is tonight at 11:59pm EDT.  I’ll choose a winner after that time and then will send that individual his or… Continue reading Tick…tick…tick…

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The Thrilling Days of Yesteryear giveaways continue…

…with the latest victors in Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s “Homefront Charlie” giveaway.  They are faithful TDOY reader and supporter Mike Galbreath from the wilds of Michigan, and a man the Los Angeles Times calls “the closest equivalent of Joe Wambaugh yet”—none other than author Paul Bishop, who blogs at the eclectically entertaining Bish’s Beat.  Congrats to the pair of you,… Continue reading The Thrilling Days of Yesteryear giveaways continue…

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My kind of McCarthyism

Just wanted to post a quick reminder that Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s “Homefront Charlie” giveaway ends tonight at 11:59pm EDT…and if you’re curious as to what this is all about, I have 2 sets of this new Radio Spirits CD release to hand out to two lucky winners.  This collection contains 20 broadcasts featuring Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy (along… Continue reading My kind of McCarthyism

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It is indeed an honor and a pleasure to announce the two winners of Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: Confidential giveaway…and they are David O., from the wilds of Colorado, and Amanda C. from…well, she sort of kept that info a secret.  (Can’t say that I blame her.  Oh, I know I mentioned something about exploiting them for… Continue reading Duh…winning!