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Grey Market Cinema: San Diego I Love You (1944)

Back in August of 2014, it was announced that the Bible for movie lovers—Leonard Maltin’s yearly movie guide—would cease its yearly publication after spending forty-five years as an essential component of people’s nightstands, end tables…and really, anywhere there’s a TV in the room.  It began its long life in 1969 as TV Movies, but with the demand for… Continue reading Grey Market Cinema: San Diego I Love You (1944)

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Buried Treasures: M (1951)

The Greatest Cable Channel Known to Mankind™ rolled out a righteous premiere on the first day of the new year: the Joseph Losey-directed remake of Fritz Lang’s 1931 masterpiece M.  Unseen in this country for many years until a couple of years ago due to a tangle of copyright issues (it got a limited release by Columbia… Continue reading Buried Treasures: M (1951)