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Dream along with me

Pierino Ronald Como was a show business fixture for over a half a century, beginning his career as a vocalist in the big band era (with Ted Weems' Orchestra) before striking out on his own as a solo artist.  You know him better as Perry Como, of course; in 1945, Como scored his first #1… Continue reading Dream along with me


And away we go!

February 8, 1969 – Jackie Gleason plays host to another corpulent Jack (though he’s lost a bit of weight), famed insult comic Jack E. Leonard: LEONARD: Ladies and gentlemen…you’ve all heard of Frank Sinatra, The Voice…you’ve seen Jimmy Durante, The Nose… (indicating Gleason) You are now looking at The Lump… (Gleason breaks out in laughter)… Continue reading And away we go!


“Mervin…that was magnificent!

On the third show of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In's fourth season (September 28, 1970), stars Dan Rowan and Dick Martin prepare to welcome back a familiar face: DAN: Aren’t you excited this week? DICK: Why? DAN: Huh? DICK: Why? DAN: Goldie Hawn’s our guest star! DICK: Goldie Hawn a guest star? DAN: Guest star! DICK: Well,… Continue reading “Mervin…that was magnificent!“

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Darling of the airwaves

My Facebook compadre Jeff Abraham dashed off an e-mail alerting me to this very exciting bit of news: The National Comedy Center is proud to announce the acquisition of an expansive archive chronicling the nine-decade career of pioneering comedienne Rose Marie, who passed away at the age of 94 in December 2017. National Comedy Center… Continue reading Darling of the airwaves

Classic Movies

Adventures in Blu-Ray: Miss Annie Rooney (1942)

Since confession is good for the soul (or so they tell me), I’ll admit that when ClassicFlix announced that it was starting up its own distribution of classic movies to DVD and Blu-ray...I was a bit skeptical.  (You may have noticed from time to time that this is my nature.)  I posited that CF would… Continue reading Adventures in Blu-Ray: Miss Annie Rooney (1942)

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My Gun is Restless

What I initially believed to be the permanent acquisition of getTV to the House of Yesteryear beginning in December of last year turned out to be premature; we apparently were receiving a “freeview” month courtesy of the holiday season…and so, the morning of January 2 brought much disappointment.  (I never received a memo about this,… Continue reading My Gun is Restless