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Book Review: Slapstick Divas

Film historian/author Steve Massa released one of the most essential books on silent movie comedy back in 2013—Lame Brains & Lunatics—and in my review of this wonderful reference in August of 2016, I mentioned that his next project was going to expand on the female comediennes touched upon in Lunatics, titled Slapstick Divas.  Divas hit… Continue reading Book Review: Slapstick Divas

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A Christmas Carol

I know October is a month that we usually associate with Halloween and other things spooky…but to the folks at Time Life, it’s an opportune time to make certain there’s plenty of classic episodes from The Carol Burnett Show available for the DVD-buying public.  Why October, I hear you asking?  Well, it’s because Carol and… Continue reading A Christmas Carol

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Book Review: Where’s My Fortune Cookie?

In 1988, I journeyed to the wilds of Atlanta’s Emory University as a member of Armstrong State College’s (now Armstrong State University) college bowl team; while there, my fellow team members and I lunched at a now-defunct restaurant (Anybody’s Pizza) and on our way back to Emory stopped by a record store to spend the… Continue reading Book Review: Where’s My Fortune Cookie?

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Fare thee well to a pair of comedy kings

Normally I hold off on the obituaries until the weekends but because we’ve said goodbye to a pair of comedy writing legends within the past 3-4 days I couldn’t in good conscience wait until Saturday to give them their due.  Writer-producer Sam Denoff passed away on July 8th at the age of 83 and a foot in the… Continue reading Fare thee well to a pair of comedy kings

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Roger Corman Blogathon: A Bucket of Blood (1959)

This essay is Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s contribution to the Roger Corman Blogathon, which is being sponsored by and is currently underway at Nathanael Hood’s Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear from June 17-19. When writer-director-producer Roger Corman—known to film buffs and fanatics as “The Pope of Pop Cinema”—was paid tribute with honorary recognition at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and… Continue reading Roger Corman Blogathon: A Bucket of Blood (1959)

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The (‘rents) is too damn high #1

This will be the first in what will probably be a series of humorous articles (knock wood) on how life at Rancho Yesteryear has taken a wacky turn now that my mother, father and I have banded together and started lighthouse keeping light housekeeping at our new digs in Athens, Georgia… It’s been a little over a month since… Continue reading The (‘rents) is too damn high #1

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The passings parade

I’m not going to mince words here—I am waaaaaaay behind on chronicling the passings of certain celebrities in the fields of film, TV, music and what have you.  But when I saw on Facebook yesterday that actor James Arness—a boob tube legend best-known for his starring role as Marshal Matt Dillon on the series Gunsmoke—has ridden… Continue reading The passings parade