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From the DVR: The Underworld Story (1950)

This past Saturday evening (January 25) saw the premiere of Try and Get Me! (1950; a.k.a. The Sound of Fury) on The Greatest Cable Channel Known to Mankind™ as an offering on their Noir Alley showcase, hosted by the Czar of Noir himself, Eddie Mueller.  TCM ran Get Me at midnight as part of a… Continue reading From the DVR: The Underworld Story (1950)

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Rage Against the (Windstream) Machine II: Texas Blood Money

It took close to three years for the sequel to this post from August 2017 to hit the blogosphere...and I’ll give you a spoiler warning: it isn’t all that different from the original. Saturday morning, I was having connectivity issues (as connectivity) and with sinking-stomach-pit dread I phoned Windstream to report that there was… Continue reading Rage Against the (Windstream) Machine II: Texas Blood Money

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“My name is Victoria Winters…”

There was an unsettling rumor going around last November that the long-running daytime drama Days of Our Lives was in danger of getting a pink slip and losing its parking place at NBC...but DOOL’s demise turned out to be a premature one, and it was confirmed that the program would soldier on with Season 56.… Continue reading “My name is Victoria Winters…”


Nun of my business

Most of the obituaries and tributes to the late Shelley Morrison on her passing in early December of 2019 (at age 83) referenced her long-running role as Rosario Salazar, the tart-tongued domestic to flaky Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) on Will & Grace.  MeTV was a noticeable exception (and only fitting, seeing as they’re in the classic TV bidness and… Continue reading Nun of my business

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Book Review: Rediscovering Roscoe – The Films of “Fatty” Arbuckle

In his reference book The Great Movie Comedians, film historian Leonard Maltin writes of Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle: “It seems tragic that Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle should be remembered today for a scandal in his private life and barely recognized for his contribution to screen comedy.  To be sure, Arbuckle was never one of the comic giants,… Continue reading Book Review: Rediscovering Roscoe – The Films of “Fatty” Arbuckle

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“Never a help—always a hindrance!”

Facebook veterans know that there’s a group on there for every person, place or thing currently in existence (and if it hasn’t been created yet...give it a few seconds) and as a member in good standing since 2009 (my dues are paid up), I know there are some really outstanding Facebook aggregations dedicated to a… Continue reading “Never a help—always a hindrance!”