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A little housecleaning

The blog has been fallow for a few days, so I regret the lack of activity...but as we were welcoming in July I received a notice in the mail that Oglethorpe County requested my presence as a Superior Court “traverse juror” the week of August 7.  Yes, it’s the time-honored practice of drawing jury duty;… Continue reading A little housecleaning


“You folks live out of town?”

Twin Oaks, Ohio plastics executive George Kellerman (Jack Lemmon) is being considered for a company promotion, which will require him to relocate—along with his wife Gwen (Sandy Dennis) and two children—to New York City.  Mr. and Mrs. Kellerman catch a flight to the Big Apple for George's interview, but from the moment they depart the… Continue reading “You folks live out of town?”

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Workin’ for the (freeview) weekend

Good news, everyone!  DISH has bestowed upon us a "freeview" weekend of the Epix movie channel...and that's always most welcome here in the House of Yesteryear because while I'll admit their film offerings may suffer from a mild case of same-ol'-same-ol' (we're only getting the free weekend because Epix is promoting a new series entitled… Continue reading Workin’ for the (freeview) weekend


From the DVR: The 6th Day (2000)

After the first successful cloning of an animal in 1996—shout out to Dolly the sheep!—the race is on to try the technology out on humans...but almost immediately, there are issues addressing the ethics of such a practice (did we learn nothing from Frankenstein?).  In a credits prologue featured in the 2000 film The 6th Day,… Continue reading From the DVR: The 6th Day (2000)

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Grey Market Cinema: All the Way Home (1963)

Upon his death in 1955, author and film critic James Agee did not leave his wife Mia with much money to keep their family going, and so editor David McDowell decided to publish an unfinished work of Agee's (which Jim had been working on since 1948) entitled A Death in the Family.  An autobiographical novel… Continue reading Grey Market Cinema: All the Way Home (1963)

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“I hate women even when I’m on vacation.”

I know this is going to be hard to believe...but during the early portion of my childhood, I was not the same kidlet who vegetated in front of a TV set that you all know and love today.  ( about an awkward pause.)  I enthusiastically participated in outside activities, particularly those of the variety that… Continue reading “I hate women even when I’m on vacation.”