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A marriage of philately and nostalgia

That fine broth of a blogger Toby O’Brien at Inner Toob mentioned this news a week or two back in December, and I was a little put out by the fact that after seeing I went to the USPS website and couldn’t find them online to order: Postal Service lifts curtain on next year’s stamps WASHINGTON (AP)… Continue reading A marriage of philately and nostalgia

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Happy New Year!

Well, we’re nearing the end of 2008 and I guess for all intents and purposes this will be my final post of the year. Looking back at the archives, I’m amazed that this was the busiest month with 98 posts…compared to only three posts in April. (In my defense, April was crunch time at the former Castle Yesteryear, with… Continue reading Happy New Year!

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Naughty but ice

On the holiday quiz that’s posted at Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule, there’s a bonus question that asks: “What was your favorite movie-related Christmas gift that you received this year?” It was supposed to be answered after December 25th—but I sort of jumped the gun with my answer ( had a sale on their… Continue reading Naughty but ice

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Advance and be recognized

Courtesy of “Uncle” Samuel Wilson at Mondo 70: A Wide World of Cinema, the Library of Congress has announced the twenty-five films that were named to the National Film Registry in 2008: 1. The Asphalt Jungle (1950) 2. Deliverance (1972) 3. Disneyland Dream (1956) 4. A Face in the Crowd (1957) 5. Flower Drum Song (1961) 6. Foolish… Continue reading Advance and be recognized

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Never ending song of love for you…both of you…

From my home page comes the sad news of the passing of rock/folk songwriter Delaney Bramlett, who’s gone on to his rich reward at the age of 69. Bramlett’s compositions include Let it Rain, Superstar and Never Ending Song of Love—a tune that I can proudly boast I knew all the words to at the age of 8, thanks… Continue reading Never ending song of love for you…both of you…

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Doctor, doctor…give me the news…

TCM finished up their Crime Doctor movie festival yesterday with two entries from 1947: The Millerson Case and The Crime Doctor’s Gamble. One of them features a promising start which unfortunately doesn’t pan out, and the other is my candidate for worst entry of the series. Plus—the two Crime Doctor opuses (opi?) that TCM didn’t get around to showing. The Millerson Case (1947) – As… Continue reading Doctor, doctor…give me the news…