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“Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in…” 


I mentioned on the blog back in February that circumstances were shaping up for another eBay DVD liquidation sale here at Rancho Yesteryear—what I have facetiously decided to call “The Great DVD Purge of 2019.”  I had one or two members of the TDOY faithful ask me about it further on Facebook, and while I tried to dodge a definite pinning-down date I knew I would have to spring into action soon…once I took care of a little paperwork matter with Uncle Sam in April.  Truth be told, I suspect our current Castle Yesteryear environs are not going to be on a secure footing for another year; the landlords and the Shreves are engaged in a kind of passive-aggressive activity where we try to get them to make some much-needed repairs and they, in return, let our phone calls go directly to voicemail.  So the less I have to pack up for the next move the better.
As such, the time for hot iron-striking is now: I’ve listed 95 items up on eBay as of this blog post (igsjr1), and there’ll no doubt be more to follow (I’ve decided to attack this in stages—or what is colloquially known as “cleaning out one section of my bedroom at the time”) but I can’t assure you when that will be.  If you see something you like, don’t be shy about putting in a bid (some of the items even have a “Buy It Now” price).  I will warn you, though: my part-time salesman activities might take away from the enormous amount of time I spend writing for the blog.  (I knew I couldn’t complete that sentence with a straight face.) 

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