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Lumber baron Thomas De Quincey (James Gordon) is excited to welcome home his son Jack (Kenneth Harlan)—newly graduated from Oxford, you know—because he needs a man to ride herd at his lumber camps and apparently De Quincey’s outfit is not a meritocracy.  “Bootleggers, bullies, and bolsheviks [sic] have about disorganized my camps!” he wails to… Continue reading “…timber!”

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My life is a sitcom

Yesterday’s “Overlooked Films on Tuesdays” entry was a little late getting up on the blog…and for that, I apologize for the delay.  As a rule, I try to make a concerted effort to schedule blog entries for 7am on posting days; I’m not sure when I started this practice though I suspect it might be… Continue reading My life is a sitcom

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Buried Treasures: Danger Street (1947)

Pat Marvin (Jane Withers) is a shutterbug for Flick (“The magazine that’s there when it happens”) …but she may not be employed there much longer.  Larry Burke (Robert Lowery), the editor of Flick—and Pat’s platonic boyfriend—has received notice from the magazine’s owner, “Muscle-Bustle” Turlock (Paul Harvey), that he’s selling the publication due to poor circulation. … Continue reading Buried Treasures: Danger Street (1947)

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Buried Treasures: Big Town (1947)

Back in April, I did a write-up for Big Town After Dark (1947) as one of the blog’s “Overlooked Films on Tuesdays”—After Dark being the third film in a B-picture franchise lensed by independent producers William Pine and William C. Thomas (a.k.a. “The Two Dollar Bills”) and released through Paramount.  The film series was inspired… Continue reading Buried Treasures: Big Town (1947)

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Crime will not pay…not for a while, anyway…

Apologies for all the sawdust on the blog floor…but that’s kind of the reason why I don’t have an installment of Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s weekly dissection into the MGM Crime Does Not Pay shorts ready.  I’ve been working like a madman (mahd, I tell you!) transferring much of the content from TDOY’s soon-to-be-boarded-up Blogspot… Continue reading Crime will not pay…not for a while, anyway…

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“To something new!”

Returning to stately Osterna Castle after two years of being abroad, Graf (Count) Greven exhibits a demeanor vastly different than his pre-travel behavior.  He instructs his staff to put Osterna on lockdown, because for unexplained reasons he’s quite paranoid and fearful—with no explanation forthcoming.  His faithful manservant (Bernhard Goetzke) contacts a minister (Hermann Picha) who… Continue reading “To something new!”

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“You stole the only thing I ever loved—now…”

Since he’s in arrears to the Secure Finance and Loan Company, young Toby Locke (Matty Kemp) agrees to join the outfit as a collection agent…but learns too late that despite its official-sounding title, Secure is little more than a protection racket ruled under the iron fist of its CEO, Joe Travis (Bryant Washburn, Sr.).  The… Continue reading “You stole the only thing I ever loved—now…”

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“The appalling thing about fascism is that you’ve got to use fascist methods to get rid of it.”

After the retreat of the British armed forces from Dunkirk, Britain was invaded by Germany in July of 1940…and though the Brits initially put up a stiff struggle, the Hun eventually stymied The Resistance and restored law and order to Old Blighty.  In 1944, World War II is still in progress but with German troops… Continue reading “The appalling thing about fascism is that you’ve got to use fascist methods to get rid of it.”

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Where’s That Been? – The Breaking Point (1950)

The following review is one of several that I composed for the ClassicFlix site under the column title “Where’s That Been?”  Most of those columns made the transition to CF’s new site but some of them stayed behind for reason or another...and since my writer’s ego is just big enough to where I don’t like having what… Continue reading Where’s That Been? – The Breaking Point (1950)