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Get Bent

Fragile young Daisy White (Mae Murray), a destitute child of the slums (plus she’s got a heart condition), pleads with a bartender for a little medicinal whiskey for her ailing mother.  Alas, Daisy has no credit with the proprietor, and she is shooed away—but not before her situation attracts the notice of confidence man John… Continue reading Get Bent

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“Ah ah ah ah…don’t touch that dial!”

After six years of drawing the comic strip Dumb Dora (about a brunette who “wasn’t as dumb as she looked”), Murat Bernard “Chic” Young handed it off to artist Paul Fung once Chic decided to embark on a new venture.  That new strip would soon become one of the most popular newspaper comics of all… Continue reading “Ah ah ah ah…don’t touch that dial!”


What a girl, what a whirl, what a life

Though she had firmly established herself in motion pictures as America’s favorite man-chaser, it could be argued that comedienne Joan Davis really achieved major fame in radio.  From 1941 to 1943 she was a regular on Rudy Vallee’s popular Sealtest variety show and when Vallee went into the Coast Guard to “do his bit” for… Continue reading What a girl, what a whirl, what a life

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“Thanks to you/Skies are blue…”

On the ninth of October—a little less than two weeks from today—one of my DVD Holy Grails will finally be released.  If you’ve been making regular visits to this humble scrap of the blogosphere—even before I packed up and moved in October of 2017 because there was more off-street parking and the schools were better—you’re… Continue reading “Thanks to you/Skies are blue…”

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“That’s liable to happen to anyone!”

In May, I received an e-mail from ClassicFlix asking me to contribute the back liner notes for a DVD collection that I knew would generate waves of enthusiasm throughout the classic film and movie comedy communities I associate with on Facebook.  All 21 of the two-reel Hal Roach Studio comedies starring Thelma Todd and Patsy… Continue reading “That’s liable to happen to anyone!”


From the DVR: Rachel Getting Married (2008)

I've never been married, but both of my sisters are...and while the mind's memory always wants to reminisce about the fun, love, and joy that results with the nuptials, it tends to bury the familial conflicts that can surface during that special event.  (I'll remain mum about the "maid-of-honor" controversy at one of the weddings.) … Continue reading From the DVR: Rachel Getting Married (2008)