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A little housecleaning

The blog has been fallow for a few days, so I regret the lack of activity...but as we were welcoming in July I received a notice in the mail that Oglethorpe County requested my presence as a Superior Court “traverse juror” the week of August 7.  Yes, it’s the time-honored practice of drawing jury duty;… Continue reading A little housecleaning


“You folks live out of town?”

Twin Oaks, Ohio plastics executive George Kellerman (Jack Lemmon) is being considered for a company promotion, which will require him to relocate—along with his wife Gwen (Sandy Dennis) and two children—to New York City.  Mr. and Mrs. Kellerman catch a flight to the Big Apple for George's interview, but from the moment they depart the… Continue reading “You folks live out of town?”


From the DVR: Rachel Getting Married (2008)

I've never been married, but both of my sisters are...and while the mind's memory always wants to reminisce about the fun, love, and joy that results with the nuptials, it tends to bury the familial conflicts that can surface during that special event.  (I'll remain mum about the "maid-of-honor" controversy at one of the weddings.) … Continue reading From the DVR: Rachel Getting Married (2008)


From the DVR: …and justice for all. (1979)

By any measure of the yardstick, Arthur Kirkland (Al Pacino) should not be a member of the legal profession.  He’s far too principled.  Which is not to disparage lawyers, you understand—it's just that Kirkland has difficulty functioning in a world where integrity and ethics take a backseat to winning at all costs.  Asked by his… Continue reading From the DVR: …and justice for all. (1979)


From the DVR: The 6th Day (2000)

After the first successful cloning of an animal in 1996—shout out to Dolly the sheep!—the race is on to try the technology out on humans...but almost immediately, there are issues addressing the ethics of such a practice (did we learn nothing from Frankenstein?).  In a credits prologue featured in the 2000 film The 6th Day,… Continue reading From the DVR: The 6th Day (2000)