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CMBA Banned and Blacklisted Blogathon: Salt of the Earth (1954)

The following essay is Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s contribution to The Classic Movie Blog Association’s Fall 2017 blogathon.  Banned and Blacklisted focuses on banned films and blacklisted actors, writers, directors, and other participants in the motion picture industry, and will be underway from November 15-19.  For a list of contributing blogs and the subjects discussed,… Continue reading CMBA Banned and Blacklisted Blogathon: Salt of the Earth (1954)

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Well, whaddaya know—Crime does pay!

The august aggregation of classic movie bloggers known as The Classic Movie Blog Association (catchy title!) recently handed out their yearly CiMBA awards…and I know this is going to flabber your gast, but Thrilling Days of Yesteryear collected an actual trophy this year!  (Yes, I know I tried to tackle Our Lady of Great Caftan… Continue reading Well, whaddaya know—Crime does pay!

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Buried Treasures: Feel My Pulse (1928)

Pampered heiress Barbara Manning (Bebe Daniels) has spent her entire life cooped up indoors due to the dictates of her father’s will—Babs’ old man appears to have been a germophobe, and insisted his only daughter be brought up in the same fashion by her Uncle Edgar (George Irving) until she’s twenty-one.  With the arrival of… Continue reading Buried Treasures: Feel My Pulse (1928)

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On the Grapevine: The Perfect Clown (1925)

Because I had developed little to no interest in athletics (football, baseball, etc.) in my formative years, my adolescence was occupied by my mania for movies—with a minor in silent film comedy.  As such, my initial education on Larry Semon—who, during his prime, was second only to Chaplin in terms of moviegoer popularity—was fueled by… Continue reading On the Grapevine: The Perfect Clown (1925)

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The Eagle has landed

I had originally scheduled a huge silent film epic for review in this space today.  (Okay, it’s not that epic—it was gonna be Way Down East [1920].)  But since my Tales of Wells Fargo DVR project continues apace, I decided to grab something short and sweet for the blog’s silent movie spotlight today…and that’s when I came across a DVD of The… Continue reading The Eagle has landed

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Grey Market Cinema: Night World (1932)

The best way to describe the pre-Code motion picture Night World (1932) is that it’s “Grand Hotel in a speakeasy.”  That speakeasy is owned and operated by ‘Happy’ MacDonald (Boris Karloff), a charmingly sinister host with clear ties to unsavory underworld elements.  His wife Jill (Dorothy Revier) is having a little clandestine what-have-you with Klauss (Russell Hopton), the man choreographing the… Continue reading Grey Market Cinema: Night World (1932)