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“The Movie Man/The Movie Man can…”

Back in October 2016, I reviewed a Grapevine Video collection of Lupino Lane shorts that brought a great deal of pleasure into my occasionally dismal existence.  Lane was an acrobatic film comedian (whose antics could rival those of Buster Keaton) who made a most entertaining series of two-reel comedies for Educational Pictures beginning in 1924; he… Continue reading “The Movie Man/The Movie Man can…”

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I Lost it at the movies

Since 2012, the Library of Congress has hosted an annual workshop known to film fanatics as “Mostly Lost,” in which movie mavens from all walks of life—writers, scholars, activists, filmmakers...and really, just about anyone with a passion for film and its preservation—gather together 'round June at the LoC’s National Audio-Visual Conservation Center (in beautiful downtown… Continue reading I Lost it at the movies


Book Review: It’s Saturday Morning!

It’s hard to believe that there was a time in my life when Saturday mornings weren’t made for sleeping...but rather, getting up “at the crack of ice” (as my pal Maureen likes to call it) and blissing out in front of the set to watch the endless parade of TV animation.  Those fondly-remembered “days of… Continue reading Book Review: It’s Saturday Morning!

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Book Review: Where’s My Fortune Cookie?

In 1988, I journeyed to the wilds of Atlanta’s Emory University as a member of Armstrong State College’s (now Armstrong State University) college bowl team; while there, my fellow team members and I lunched at a now-defunct restaurant (Anybody’s Pizza) and on our way back to Emory stopped by a record store to spend the… Continue reading Book Review: Where’s My Fortune Cookie?

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From the DVR: The Reluctant Dragon (1941)

The Greatest Cable Channel Known to Mankind™ has recently entered into a partnership with the Walt Disney Studios to showcase rarities from “the Disney vault” several times a year in the coming months…and TCM premiered this new collaboration this past December 21 with airings of live-action Disney classics like Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier (1955)… Continue reading From the DVR: The Reluctant Dragon (1941)

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Guilty Pleasures: It’s a Joke, Son! (1947)

In the 1921 D.W. Griffith classic Orphans of the Storm, the part of Joseph Schildkraut’s character as a child was played by a young actor born Kenneth Howard Delmar…who as “Kenny Delmar” would achieve great fame on radio, both as an announcer and thesp.  His earliest foray into the aural medium was working as an announcer… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures: It’s a Joke, Son! (1947)

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The passings parade

Each week here at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, I like to eat up just a little bit of blogosphere bandwidth to observe selected celebrity notables who’ve left this world for a better one—and I think the news of the death of character great Gervase Duan (G.D.) Spradlin this week hit me the hardest, because he was truly one… Continue reading The passings parade