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Crime will not pay…not for a while, anyway…

Apologies for all the sawdust on the blog floor…but that’s kind of the reason why I don’t have an installment of Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s weekly dissection into the MGM Crime Does Not Pay shorts ready.  I’ve been working like a madman (mahd, I tell you!) transferring much of the content from TDOY’s soon-to-be-boarded-up Blogspot… Continue reading Crime will not pay…not for a while, anyway…

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The Eagle has landed

I had originally scheduled a huge silent film epic for review in this space today.  (Okay, it’s not that epic—it was gonna be Way Down East [1920].)  But since my Tales of Wells Fargo DVR project continues apace, I decided to grab something short and sweet for the blog’s silent movie spotlight today…and that’s when I came across a DVD of The… Continue reading The Eagle has landed

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From the DVR: Pop Always Pays (1940)

Jeff Thompson (Dennis O’Keefe) is one of those guys who can’t hold onto a dollar.  He hasn’t even paid off the car he owns now when he’s in the market for a new one—much to the consternation of his fiancée, Edna Brewster (Pamela Blake, billed here as “Adele Pearce”).  You see, Jeff has an annoying habit of absentmindedly neglecting… Continue reading From the DVR: Pop Always Pays (1940)

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Guilty Pleasures: Ghost Chasers (1951)

It has been a while since we’ve taken a stroll down through the Bowery and availed ourselves of some confectionary treats at Louie’s Sweet Shop—I believe the last Bowery Boys movie that I wrote up here at TDOY was Crazy Over Horses (1951), which I did for My Love of Old Hollywood’s Horseathon back in May of 2012.  The Greatest Cable Channel Known… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures: Ghost Chasers (1951)

Classic Movies

Happy birthday, Edmond O’Brien: An Act of Murder (1948)

The photo above is a still from a 1947 noir entitled The Web, a great little suspenser starring Edmond O’Brien—who celebrates a birthday today, and you can read about it at Radio Spirits—as an attorney hired by criminal no-good Vincent Price to be his bodyguard…but ends up in much more trouble than he bargained.  (Thrilling Days of Yesteryear fave… Continue reading Happy birthday, Edmond O’Brien: An Act of Murder (1948)

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My kind of McCarthyism

Just wanted to post a quick reminder that Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s “Homefront Charlie” giveaway ends tonight at 11:59pm EDT…and if you’re curious as to what this is all about, I have 2 sets of this new Radio Spirits CD release to hand out to two lucky winners.  This collection contains 20 broadcasts featuring Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy (along… Continue reading My kind of McCarthyism

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It is indeed an honor and a pleasure to announce the two winners of Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: Confidential giveaway…and they are David O., from the wilds of Colorado, and Amanda C. from…well, she sort of kept that info a secret.  (Can’t say that I blame her.  Oh, I know I mentioned something about exploiting them for… Continue reading Duh…winning!