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Silly rabbit—Brix are for kids!

It’s a tale right out of The Beverly Hillbillies—wildcatter Tim Henessey (Samuel Adams—not the beer guy, by the way) has had a gusher come in, and now the entire Henessey clan is filthy with money!  (Though in all honesty…they were filthy without money before this picture started.)  The family puts up the “Out of Bidness”… Continue reading Silly rabbit—Brix are for kids!


Guilty Pleasures: Sssssss (1973)

You might remember Phil Hall as the author of an excellent book that I reviewed back on the blog in August of 2016 entitled In Search of Lost Films; Hall, a film critic/journalist who has contributed to the likes of Film Threat and American Movie Classics Magazine, also wrote The Greatest Bad Movies of All Time, published in 2013 through BearManor Media—the… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures: Sssssss (1973)

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Buried Treasures: The Strange One (1957)

I majored in what was described as “Speech Broadcasting” during my short academic career at Marshall University in the early 1980s, and because I spent a goodly amount of time at Marshall’s student radio station, the student manager asked me to tackle the production of FM 88’s weekly pop culture broadcast, Entertainment ’83.  It was a half-hour… Continue reading Buried Treasures: The Strange One (1957)

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The passings parade

It was my father who phoned me Friday to let me know that country music legend Ferlin Husky died on St. Patrick’s Day from heart failure at the age of 85—which is sort of unusual in that I’m usually the one who lets him know if a notable has gone to their greater reward…after I try… Continue reading The passings parade

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But that’s not all, folks…

Sorry about the recent inactivity on the blog, good people.  Originally, I had planned to have this post ready towards the end of 2010—but I was having such a good time with the Christmas festivities at both Rancho Yesteryear and the ‘rents that my efforts to get it finished in time proved futile.  (And my parents, Wilder… Continue reading But that’s not all, folks…