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“Why bring that up?”

The end of October brought forth another volume in Alpha Video’s Ultra-Rare Pre-Code Comedies series, and friend of the blog Brian Krey was good enough to aim a screener for Volume 4 screener in the direction of Rancho Yesteryear.  “A collection of six racy, hilarious, and often politically incorrect shorts from the anything-goes pre-Code era!”… Continue reading “Why bring that up?”

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Keeps me on a slow burn

In June of this year, I reviewed an Alpha Video release of Edgar Kennedy two-reelers (Rediscovered Comedies of Edgar Kennedy Volume 4) that you’ll find over at the old Blogspot site (for now) …and in September, the company unveiled out a fifth volume that made the lengthy trek from the wilds of West Conshohocken, PA… Continue reading Keeps me on a slow burn

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A Christmas Errol (sense a pattern here?)

Previously on the blog, I’ve been most effusive in my praise for funnyman Leon Errol, a Thrilling Days of Yesteryear favorite who’s provided me maximum amusement in vehicles like Pop Always Pays (1940) and Strictly in the Groove (1942).  A veteran stage performer who at “the height of his film success, in the 1940s, he… Continue reading A Christmas Errol (sense a pattern here?)

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Adventures in Blu-ray: Topper (1937)

In the 1930s, Hal Roach’s success as an independent producer of short movie comedies was threatened by events completely beyond his control.  His “Lot of Fun” had cranked out one- and two-reelers since 1915 and introduced the ticket-buying public to such popular film comedians as Harold Lloyd, Charley Chase, and Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. … Continue reading Adventures in Blu-ray: Topper (1937)

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“He’s all speed…the fastest thing in horseflesh…”

In a booklet that was originally supposed to accompany the DVD collection Becoming Charley Chase (it’s still online—which was a tremendous relief because the copy I downloaded succumbed to the recent hard drive clusterfudge), Richard M. Roberts had this nice take on why the comedian didn’t do more feature film work: “He wasn’t particularly ambitious.  Chase never… Continue reading “He’s all speed…the fastest thing in horseflesh…”