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Buried Treasures: Big Town (1947)

Back in April, I did a write-up for Big Town After Dark (1947) as one of the blog’s “Overlooked Films on Tuesdays”—After Dark being the third film in a B-picture franchise lensed by independent producers William Pine and William C. Thomas (a.k.a. “The Two Dollar Bills”) and released through Paramount.  The film series was inspired… Continue reading Buried Treasures: Big Town (1947)

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Buried Treasures: People are Funny (1946)

Radio producer John Guedel was a man who was in the right place at the right time.  In 1942, he was plying his trade on Red Skelton’s Raleigh cigarettes program when he spotted an article in one of the trades mentioning a show recently cancelled by NBC.  Getting in touch with the ad agency that… Continue reading Buried Treasures: People are Funny (1946)


Buried Treasures: Fast Break (1979)

With the premiere of the sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter on ABC-TV in the fall of 1975, comedian Gabriel “Gabe” Kaplan became a television star, effectively drawing from elements of his stand-up act (he did routines about his childhood days in Brooklyn, many of which were featured on Kaplan’s album Holes and Mello-Rolls) in a series about a former… Continue reading Buried Treasures: Fast Break (1979)

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“I hate to break the news to ya…but I think you’re a vampire!”

There’s a straight-to-video feature film—released in 1996—entitled Star Hunter…which I will charitably describe as a homage (French for “rip-off”) to Star Wars and Predator.  The presence of Roddy McDowall and Stella Stevens does not mean that this is a good movie, but what may be of interest to the Thrilling Days of Yesteryear faithful is that the direction of this cheesy… Continue reading “I hate to break the news to ya…but I think you’re a vampire!”

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Buried Treasures: Big Town After Dark (1947)

Being a motion picture actor in Hollywood during the 1930s/1940s was a demanding job…but can you imagine committing yourself to the rigors of a live weekly radio show as well?  It wouldn’t be an easy task (which is why most of the big-name stars limited themselves to guest appearances on dramatic anthologies like The Lux Radio Theatre and the… Continue reading Buried Treasures: Big Town After Dark (1947)


Buried Treasures: French Quarter (1978)

You’ll no doubt recall that in my Hopalong Cassidy post from last week I mentioned that the quality of the movies I downloaded from Epix’s “Vault on Demand” were a crapshoot at best.  Several of the Hoppy westerns, though watchable, were from prints beaten up for their lunch money (two of them in truncated 54-minute versions), and… Continue reading Buried Treasures: French Quarter (1978)

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Buried Treasures: Breakfast in Hollywood (1946)

One day on Facebook, my chum Jason Togyer—editor of the online Tube City Almanac, The Voice of McKeesport, PA—asked me if I knew the origin of a gag he had heard the great comedy duo of Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding do in a routine: “You win my orchid for today.”  Fortunately for Jase, my synapses… Continue reading Buried Treasures: Breakfast in Hollywood (1946)