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Smile when the raindrops fall

In August of last year, I prematurely announced that our good friends at The Sprocket Vault would begin releasing Charley Chase shorts to DVD, beginning with a 2-disc release of the comedian’s output in 1930 and 1931 in November.  The news of this release was warmly received by the Facebook fans that propagate a lot… Continue reading Smile when the raindrops fall

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Book Review: Slapstick Divas

Film historian/author Steve Massa released one of the most essential books on silent movie comedy back in 2013—Lame Brains & Lunatics—and in my review of this wonderful reference in August of 2016, I mentioned that his next project was going to expand on the female comediennes touched upon in Lunatics, titled Slapstick Divas.  Divas hit… Continue reading Book Review: Slapstick Divas

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“Why bring that up?”

The end of October brought forth another volume in Alpha Video’s Ultra-Rare Pre-Code Comedies series, and friend of the blog Brian Krey was good enough to aim a screener for Volume 4 screener in the direction of Rancho Yesteryear.  “A collection of six racy, hilarious, and often politically incorrect shorts from the anything-goes pre-Code era!”… Continue reading “Why bring that up?”

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A Christmas Errol (sense a pattern here?)

Previously on the blog, I’ve been most effusive in my praise for funnyman Leon Errol, a Thrilling Days of Yesteryear favorite who’s provided me maximum amusement in vehicles like Pop Always Pays (1940) and Strictly in the Groove (1942).  A veteran stage performer who at “the height of his film success, in the 1940s, he… Continue reading A Christmas Errol (sense a pattern here?)