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Happy Halloween!

(Wicked witch courtesy of sister Debbie.) Here’s hoping that everyone out there in Yesteryear Land is having a cool, crazy fantabulous Halloween weekend!  Things have been sort of low-key here at the ranch, owing largely to the fact that neither Athens nor Clarke County established an official Trick-or-Treat time this year.  I observe Halloween on the 31st, as I’m sure most of you… Continue reading Happy Halloween!

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Hey hey in the Haystack

I must reluctantly confess that I’m a bit behind in catching up on some of my favorite blogs, so I’m coming a bit late to the party that is this questionnaire at TDOY chum Amanda’s A Noodle in a Haystack. (Anybody who admires both Una Merkel and Helen Broderick is aces in my book.)  Try it at home, but… Continue reading Hey hey in the Haystack


Never Steal anything small

Dr. Albert C. Barnes, born into a working-class family from Philadelphia, put himself through medical school as an amateur boxer and amassed an immense personal fortune in the pharmaceutical business by patenting a drug called Argyrol (a silver nitrate substitute used in the prevention of venereal disease in newborns). He used his wealth to obtain… Continue reading Never Steal anything small

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Don’t it seem like Twix just keep gettin’ harder to find

The Daily Beast, operating under the amusing delusion that chocolate candy has the same nutritional cache as—oh, I don’t know…carrot sticks, perhaps—has compiled a list of the 40 most popular candies and ranked them from “worst-to-first,” based, according to the Beast, “on their percentage from the median in calories, saturated fat, carbohydrates, and sugar, with each of those… Continue reading Don’t it seem like Twix just keep gettin’ harder to find


DVR-TiVo-Or whatever recording device strikes your fancy-alert!

At the start of its 1960-61 season, the TV western Maverick was having to cope with the loss of its star, James Garner, who had quit the series after a messy contract dispute with Warner Brothers, the studio that produced the program. The show’s producers added another Maverick to the family to help out co-star Jack… Continue reading DVR-TiVo-Or whatever recording device strikes your fancy-alert!

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Guest Review: Scarlet Street (1945)

By Philip Schweier Fritz Lang’s Scarlet Street (1945) is one of those seminal movies that first turned me on to film noir. Sure, there have been other classics such as The Maltese Falcon (1941) or Out of the Past (1947). Heck, Rhonda Fleming is worth the price of admission on that one. But the thing about Scarlet Street is it doesn’t feature any… Continue reading Guest Review: Scarlet Street (1945)

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Guest Review: The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970)

By Philip Schweier I have been a Sherlock Holmes since I was 12, when I was given a collection of the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. No, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle didn’t give me the collection himself. What I meant to say was the stories were written by – oh, never mind. It… Continue reading Guest Review: The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970)