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The state of the blog


The game plan was to get back into extreme blogging (little term I picked up from rapping with the kids to find out where their heads were at) once I relocated to WordPress in October.  Sadly, this feverishly diabolical scheme soon vanished in a puff of smoke, surrendering to multiple factors such as outside projects, the Toshiba laptop that went tits up (R.I.P.), and my old chum Madame Malaise.  Before I realized it, the holidays arrived (they had the decency to ring the doorbell, thank goodness) and I decided to just take an extended vacation while select members of the Shreve clan paid Los Parentes Yesteryear and I a visit.

sonnycherThe ‘rents bestowed upon me a nice new Chromebook as an early Yuletide gift, and I was also the beneficiary of some Amazon gift cash (both from my sister and her fambly and Facebook pal Christopher Snowden) which went towards a purchase of some blank DVDs.  I’ve been going through quite a bit of discs of late, owing to that I am but a handful of shows away from completing my Tales of Wells Fargo collection; they have proved invaluable in providing a bit of “filler” whenever I burn a ninety-minute film to disc.  The return of GetTV has also been a blessing; I can complete my acquisition of The Restless Gun and add classic reruns of Cher, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, and The Sonny and Cher Show to the dusty TDOY archives to boot.

I have made a New Year’s resolution to step up the blogging in 2018…which means I’ll abandon this by mid-January, if past performance is any indication.  Nevertheless, I really am sincere about getting back into a groove come the New Year, and have occupied my non-Wells Fargo time with reading a book a longtime friend of the blog asked me to review and sampling a nice little classic TV screener that will also be presented for your edification.  I thank every member of the TDOY faithful for being patient with me as I stave off the urge to hibernate for the rest of the winter, and I hope everyone had a joyous holiday season.  See you in 2018!

5 thoughts on “The state of the blog

  1. It’s not hard to be patient with Thrilling Days — it’s always worthwhile. I was quite amazed to see that your blogging plans are almost identical with mine! Great minds think alike, as they say. Good luck to you and me!


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