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“For happy-ever-aftering than here/In Camelot…”


Singer Robert Goulet has passed away at the age of 73, and at the risk of offending any of his fans by being facetious the only thing I truly remember about the baritone singer is that he was the reason Elvis Presley once shot up a television set with a handgun. That, and the fact that he was unctuous bad guy Quentin Hapsburg in The Naked Gun 2 ½ : The Smell of Fear (1991) and the unctuous Maxie Dean in Beetle Juice (1988). (Oh, and he has a great cameo in Louis Malle’s Atlantic City [1980] as an unctuous lounge singer performing at the opening of a new hospital.)

I don’t mean to do Mr. Goulet a disservice, but I’m not old enough to remember his triumph on Broadway as Sir Lancelot opposite Richard Burton and Julie Andrews in Camelot (1960). (Jaime Weinman, who’ll forget more about musicals than I’ll ever learn, is the go-to guy on this portion of Goulet’s career.) I will say this, though: Robert Goulet will be missed because the guy had one hell of a sense of humor and the ability to poke fun at himself (exhibit A: his wet-your-pants-funny commercial for Emerald nuts).

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