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“Oh, why did I ever begin this dark deception?”

In March of this year, I made the mistake of opening an e-mail I received from Milestone Films.  (Okay, there was no gun placed to my temple...but you'd think I'd learn by now.)  They were advertising a sale on DVDs in their inventory featuring female filmmakers (to celebrate Women's History Month) and one of the… Continue reading “Oh, why did I ever begin this dark deception?”


It’s a Gas-s-s-s, gas, gas…

The news of the apocalypse breaks at Texas’ Southern Methodist University, where a young hippie named Coel (Robert Corff), on the run from the cops, disguises himself as a priest and hides out in a confessional booth.  That’s where he meets Cilla (Elaine Giftos), an assistant to a team of scientists, who informs Coel that… Continue reading It’s a Gas-s-s-s, gas, gas…

Classic Movies

Adventures in Blu-ray: Crime of Passion (1957)

I don’t mind telling you—when my part-time employer, ClassicFlix, announced in February of this year that they were rolling out their very own DVD/Blu-ray label…I was a tad skeptical.  But their releases have surprised even jaded, cynical ol’ me; they’ve brought back quite a few titles from the Land of Dead DVDs (also referred to… Continue reading Adventures in Blu-ray: Crime of Passion (1957)

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Silly rabbit—Brix are for kids!

It’s a tale right out of The Beverly Hillbillies—wildcatter Tim Henessey (Samuel Adams—not the beer guy, by the way) has had a gusher come in, and now the entire Henessey clan is filthy with money!  (Though in all honesty…they were filthy without money before this picture started.)  The family puts up the “Out of Bidness”… Continue reading Silly rabbit—Brix are for kids!

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Adventures in Blu-ray: One Million B.C. (1940)

The last Hollywood project that the legendary D.W. Griffith worked on before being ignored by the industry until his passing in 1948 was a fantasy-adventure film produced at Hal Roach’s “Lot of Fun,” One Million B.C. (1940).  Roach hired Griffith to produce that movie and his earlier Of Mice and Men (1939), requesting in a… Continue reading Adventures in Blu-ray: One Million B.C. (1940)

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Buried Treasures: Danger Street (1947)

Pat Marvin (Jane Withers) is a shutterbug for Flick (“The magazine that’s there when it happens”) …but she may not be employed there much longer.  Larry Burke (Robert Lowery), the editor of Flick—and Pat’s platonic boyfriend—has received notice from the magazine’s owner, “Muscle-Bustle” Turlock (Paul Harvey), that he’s selling the publication due to poor circulation. … Continue reading Buried Treasures: Danger Street (1947)

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“You stole the only thing I ever loved—now…”

Since he’s in arrears to the Secure Finance and Loan Company, young Toby Locke (Matty Kemp) agrees to join the outfit as a collection agent…but learns too late that despite its official-sounding title, Secure is little more than a protection racket ruled under the iron fist of its CEO, Joe Travis (Bryant Washburn, Sr.).  The… Continue reading “You stole the only thing I ever loved—now…”