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Book Review: Slapstick Divas

Film historian/author Steve Massa released one of the most essential books on silent movie comedy back in 2013—Lame Brains & Lunatics—and in my review of this wonderful reference in August of 2016, I mentioned that his next project was going to expand on the female comediennes touched upon in Lunatics, titled Slapstick Divas.  Divas hit… Continue reading Book Review: Slapstick Divas

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Book Review: Mr. Novak: An Acclaimed Television Series

“A practical idealist, a man who wants nothing more than a chance to take a crack at ignorance eight or ten hours a day, a great hero for the public.”  That is how television writer-producer E. Jack Neuman conceived the central character for a series idea he was discussing with his friend, director Boris Sagal,… Continue reading Book Review: Mr. Novak: An Acclaimed Television Series