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“A winner never stops trying.” — Tom Landry


I had intended to have this announcement up earlier but this is the second time this week that we’ve experienced a brownout around Rancho Yesteryear, same hour of the day and for the same duration.  (I guess the electrical co-op in Pixley has had some difficulty of late, what with the abominable temperatures and all.)  Without further ado, I am pleased to announce that the winner of the blog’s “Around Dodge City” giveaway is none other than Our Lady of Great Caftan herself, the Miss Kitty of the Great White North, Paddy Lee.  (She made me spit out my pink lemonade when she e-mailed to enter, saying “You knew I’d show up like a bad penny.”)  I have already tipped her off that I’ll be mailing out her swag at the end of the week to save her valuable time standing by the mailbox and wondering when it will arrive. 
As always, I would have liked to been able to hand out a copy of this fine Radio Spirits CD collection to all who entered…but worry ye not, cartooners: I have another giveaway in the works for next Saturday, and it, too, promises to be chock full of Western fun.  Be sure to join us! 

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