Stuff You Should Know

Call me anything you want…just don’t call me late for winner!


Profuse apologies to everyone out there in TDOY Land for getting this announcement up so late…but I’ve been hard at work finishing some liner notes for an upcoming Radio Spirits release featuring tales well-calculated to keep you in...Suspense! (If that’s not enough of a giant hint, I don’t know what else would be.)  So I was a little late in drawing the name out of the hat to announce the winner of the blog’s “Full Details” giveaway but the lucky individual is Steve Keitel, who hangs his hat in Granville, NY.  I was on the phone earlier with Granville Mayor Brian LaRose (who’s stepping down after two four-year terms) to arrange a big parade in Steve’s honor but when Mayor LaRose pressed me for further details (chiefly “Steve who?  And who is this calling?”) I decided not to push Mr. Keitel any further into the limelight. 
21695I wish I was able to give everyone who entered a copy of Let George Do It: Full Details because this contest drew a huge number of entries…but alas, there can be only one winner.  I’m attributing the large response to the love for actor Bob Bailey, and I’ll give you a little (personal) notice that next Saturday I’ll be giving away a copy of a CD collection featuring Mr. B in his most famous radio role.  So I urge you to stay tuned throughout the week for details on how to enter come this Saturday.  Thanks again, cartooners! 

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