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Crime will not pay…not for a while, anyway…


Apologies for all the sawdust on the blog floor…but that’s kind of the reason why I don’t have an installment of Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s weekly dissection into the MGM Crime Does Not Pay shorts ready.  I’ve been working like a madman (mahd, I tell you!) transferring much of the content from TDOY’s soon-to-be-boarded-up Blogspot environs to our brand-spanking-new home at WordPress…and I don’t mind telling you, it ain’t half tedious mum.  To shake things up a little, I’ve been adding new images to some of the old posts in a sort-of-refurbishing fashion, and that’s probably why the transferring hasn’t gone as swiftly as I’d like.

Because I tend to become obsessed with the quick completion of projects that deep down, I know will take some time (I’ve sought professional help for this…nothing can be done, sadly), it was imperative that I take stock in what tasks needed to get done and assign them a certain priority.  Not only do I have to budget time to watch the movies, TV shows, etc. to write about them for this blog…but I’m also administrating the Radio Spirits blog (and I got a recent liner note assignment—which, upon hearing that news, prompted my creditors to crack open a few bottles of bubbly) and helping here in the House of Yesteryear whenever I can.  After making a list—and checking it twice—I concluded that Crime Does Not Pay needed a little vacation from TDOY.  I know the CDNP posts seem simple (because they’re written by someone who’s the same), but a lot of time is expended in watching each short, transcribing dialogue, and whipping up screen grabs.  Oh, and writing the jokes.  (Don’t think I didn’t hear the smart guy in the third row asking: “What jokes?”  I’m going to keep an eye on you.)

Since I’m duplicate-posting at both the old and new sites until the official transition takes hold in October, I decided to put Crime Does Not Pay on hiatus.  This was not an easy decision to make—I realize that my blogmother S.Z. (founder of/alumnus at World O’Crap) looks upon these weekly CDNP entries as kind of an online course in Crime 101 (which made me very proud…she was seriously considering University of Phoenix), so if there’s a spike in the crime rate in the Western United States region I implore you to contact the authorities immediately.

I’m going to take the sting out of this devastating news (okay—maybe it’s not that devastating) by giving you a bit o’news that my Radio Spirits compatriot Rodney Bowcock posted on Facebook yesterday…


…this is an actual thing; is announcing a November 7, 2017 release date for Charley Chase: The Hal Roach Talkies Volume 1 1930-31.  The product details say this is a VCI release (you can’t pre-order this yet) but I’m wondering if this is affiliated with The Sprocket Vault considering they’re bringing this to Blu-ray (and the YouTube video below was e-mailed to me from the Sprocket Vault’s channel):

The information I have on the Chase shorts is very sketchy—I’m hoping Richard M. Roberts has additional skinny on this, and can fill in the necessary details—but suffice it to say, I am stoked beyond description learning about this development.  Oddly enough, when Rodney mentioned this on Facebook he was immediately beset by folks who either a) expressed skepticism (though a pair of “Chaseologists” immediately squelched these naysayers), or 2) complained about having already grabbed them from The Greatest Cable Channel Known to Mankind™.  Oh, and the usual whines about whether they would be restored.  I will not speak for anyone but myself when I say that not only will I wholeheartedly support this release and subsequent releases (knock wood) but I will wag my finger disapprovingly at anyone who starts in with the pissing and moaning.  We’ve been wanting these on DVD for a very, very, very, very, very long time…and whether it’s VCI or The Sprocket Vault or a combination or both I say good on them for rising to the task.

Charley and Thelma! (From All Teed Up.)

Back on Monday—have a great weekend, cartooners!

(Addendum: Richard M. Roberts to the rescue!)

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