From the DVR: Greased Lightning (1977)

In 1947, Wendell Scott (Richard Pryor) is demobbed out of the (segregated) Army and upon returning to his hometown of Danville, Virginia, he decides to open up an auto-repair shop with his mustered-out pay.  He’ll have to save up for this dream, but the town of Danville doesn’t offer many opportunities for a black man save… Continue reading From the DVR: Greased Lightning (1977)

Bad Movies

Buried Treasures: Dementia (1955)

There’s a story behind today’s “Overlooked Film.”  Let me tell you a tale. You may know—and if you don’t, consider this me telling you—that while I relinquished my post as Associate Editor at ClassicFlix back in February 2014, I still maintain a working relationship with CF as the author of their “Where’s That Been?” column.  Each month, the new… Continue reading Buried Treasures: Dementia (1955)