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“I love Lucy and she loves me…”


This Saturday marks the centennial birthday of television legend Lucille Ball, and the various events that are being planned to commemorate Lucy’s 100th natal anniversary are spectacular ones indeed.  I got a press release via e-mail last night from Hillary Schrupf at SiriusXM that I thought was worth passing on to those TDOY followers mad about “that crazy redhead”: 

SiriusXM to Launch “Redhead Radio: 100 Years of Lucille Ball” 

lucilleball2“Redhead Radio” broadcasting from “Lucy Fest,” the annual celebration held in her hometown of Jamestown, NY 

Two days of non-stop classic Lucille Ball radio programs and coverage of the comedienne’s influence and birthday celebrations 

Sirius XM Radio will launch Redhead Radio: 100 Years of Lucille Ball, a limited-run channel celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the comedy legend with non-stop broadcasts of classic radio shows featuring the comedienne at key moments in her storied career, as well as interviews with her fans, devotees and fellow comedians. 

Redhead Radio will launch at 12:00 am ET on August 6, 2011—the day Lucy would have celebrated her 100th birthday—on SiriusXM channel 82, taking over SiriusXM’s RadioClassics for two days. SiriusXM’s Greg Bell will host Redhead Radio from The Lucille Ball Festival of Comedy, aka “Lucy Fest,” the annual community-organized birthday celebration held in her hometown of Jamestown, NY. This year’s headliner is comedy icon Joan Rivers. 

Lou & Lucy & Bud

The wide-range of perspectives and recordings on Redhead Radio offers SiriusXM listeners an extraordinary look into Lucy’s life and legacy.  Redhead Radio features: dozens of episodes of her classic 1940s radio comedy series My Favorite Husband, which inspired l Love Lucy; an interview with stand-up comedian Paula Poundstone—a featured performer at this year’s fest—about the influence Lucy has had on her career; and interviews with Lucy impersonators, experts, historians, event organizers and fans at Lucy Fest. The channel will chronicle fan participation in “Be a Lucy,” the attempt set the world’s record for the most people dressed as Lucy Ricardo in one place at one time. Additional content includes Lucy’s guest-starring role on the classic radio dramatic series Suspense; radio versions of her films Fancy Pants (with Bob Hope) and The Dark Corner and interviews Lucy did with legendary personalities Abbott & Costello and Bob Hope on their classic radio shows. 

Visit for more information. Visit for the full comedy festival schedule, information, tickets and world record registration information. 

Because when I had a look-see into the Thrilling Days of Yesteryear coffers and found nothing but a pile of IOU’s I’ll have to sit out Lucy Fest…but for those of us who will remain homebound (and who are fortunate to get Me-TV via their cable system), Me-TV will run a 100-episode marathon of I Love LucyThe Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, and The Lucy Show episodes all weekend beginning at 12:00 midnight on Friday, August 5 (which will technically be August 6).  The bedroom TV here at Rancho Yesteryear will most certainly be tuned in to this televisual feast because it will dovetail nicely with… 

lucy_blogathon_mine…yes, I just wanted to remind you of the Loving Lucy Blogathon (thanks to Marya at Cinema-Fanatic for the great pic at left) being hosted at True Classics: The ABCs of Classic Film this SaturdayThrilling Days of Yesteryear has asked to be dealt in and even though those of who know me pretty well might find this hard to believe I actually have my entry (a piece on Lucy’s radio series My Favorite Husband) completed and in the queue, as we say at Edward Copeland’s Tangents (I’ll also have a centennial tribute to Lucy posted there…and I have that finished as well.  A dangerous precedent, to be sure.).  If you’re interested in participating, there’s still time—all the info you need to know is here, and with thirty-five blogs announcing their love of Lucy I think everyone is going to have a “ball.”  (Sorry…couldn’t resist.) 

edithhead_bannerWhile I’m on the subject of blogathons (smooth as glass) I wanted to direct your attention to one that’s being planned at The Hollywood Revue—Angela will be hosting a “Fashion in Film” blogathon on September 24th that will…well, let her “tell that to us again”: 

I’m looking for articles on:

Costume designers
Costumes in a particular movie
Movies that influenced the way people dress
Actresses who became style icons because of their movie wardrobes
Analyses of what a character’s wardrobe says about who they are (I recommend checking out Tom and Lorenzo’s Mad Style articles for inspiration on that) 

Anything else you can think of that deals with movie costumes and design is also welcome.  Even though this is a classic film blog, bloggers who write about modern movies are absolutely welcome and encouraged to join in!  You don’t have to sign up to participate (although commenting to let me know if you’re interested in participating is appreciated), but if you’ve got any questions, leave a comment on this post or send me an e-mail at  Have fun! 

I’m enthusiastic about promoting Angela’s blogathon even though I don’t personally plan to join up—fashion in film is a subject that I am woefully ignorant on (all I ever require is for characters to be wearing some sort of clothing) but there’s always a possibility that I could change my mind before the September 24 looms on the horizon (like writing about Tarzan’s loincloth, for example).  For the rest of you movie fashion mavens, I strongly encourage to pay Angela a visit and let her know if you’re interested in participating.  Blogathon fever…catch it!

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