“Today (today)…I consider myself (self)…the luckiest man (man)…on the face of the earth (earth)…”


I took a brief respite from trying to find just what in blazes I did with the prizes in the Bergen & McCarthy giveaway (I’m running out of boxes, fellas, so it shouldn’t be long now) to play around on Facebook a bit and I saw an interesting tidbit on the page of Chicago’s Me-TV pictured above.

Now, our CharredHer cable system carries WSB Atlanta’s digital station, which has been a Retro Television Network (RTV) affiliate for the past couple of years, and for some odd reason in the back of my mind I wondered if this might mean that WSB was switching from RTN/RTV to the Chicago-based cable offering that echoes what the once-proud TV Land was before it went through that unhappy phase what with its father dying and the mortgage and Nick at Nite going out with men.  So I surfed on over to the channel listings at my CharredHer webpage and saw this…


The Big Valley.  Rawhide.  Hawaii Five-O.  As my BBFF Stacia would say in moments of sheer excitement—“Hot cookies, Agnes!™”  A quick trip out to the living room (where the ‘rents were staring at Rachael Ray…and I’m guessing because the Bait Car marathon was over) confirmed that we have Memorable Entertainment, baby…and I am the happiest camper right now in the entire Classic City.

rtnAs for RTN/RTV…well, a moment of silence for a subchannel offering that even though it did feature the occasional reruns of shows like Alfred Hitchcock Presents/The Alfred Hitchcock HourBachelor FatherThe Bold OnesDaniel BooneDragnet (the 1967-70 version), McHale’s NavyPeter Gunn, and The Rifleman on the schedule had far too much drek like AirwolfThe A-TeamKnight Rider, and Magnum, P.U. P.I. in otherwise valuable time slots.  Retro Television Network will now be offered on the low-powered Atlanta affiliate WYGA-TV (LD), which must suffer the additionally painful indignity of having its Wikipedia entry declare “it now appears to be off the air.”

metvlogoMe-TV, not to put too fine a point on it, is going to become my new favorite TV station…for there is an embarrassment of riches to be had.  Gunsmoke, both the half-hour and hour versions (I’m assuming the color hours, because Encore Westerns has the black-and-whites).  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.  Gomer Pyle, USMC.  The Beverly Hillbillies.  Petticoat Junction.  I Love Lucy.  My Three Sons.  Perry Mason.  The Honeymooners.  The Twilight Zone.  The Untouchables.  Combat.  12 O’Clock High.  Honey West.  Get Smart.  Car 54, Where are You?  Hogan’s Heroes.  The Wild Wild West.  And even—gladaseeya!The Phil Silvers Show.  (It’s like a methadone clinic for TV junkies.)

In conclusion, I have a few people to thank: Mike “Mr. Television” Doran, for believing in my Me-TV dream, Robert “Master of His (Public) Domain” Huggins for keeping vintage TV alive on DVD, my buddy and future program director of WTDY John, for his unflagging support of the blog (he’s the one who scored me classic reruns of The People’s ChoiceSky King, and Dobie Gillis), and Rick “Cultureshark” Brooks for also being a fellow classic TV aficionado despite the fact that he’s also a Pittsburgh Pirates fan (well, you know how kids will fall in with a bad crowd).  We’re all winners, people!  (Holds up remote in triumph…)

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