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Do we know how to party or what?*


Yesterday afternoon, the ‘rents and I made the 6-8 blocks (my Dad’s not 100% certain on the actual distance) journey from our current House of Yesteryear environs to the Double K Ranch (sister Kat’s house) to celebrate the second natal anniversary of the fun-loving youngster pictured in the photo above, my nephew Davis.  (His birthday is actually a few days earlier, but Sunday was the most opportune time for his party…and I also apologize for not announcing the b-day on the blog because now I’m going to hear the “Equal Time” lecture from my sister again.)  A handful of his chums from his pre-school were on hand to scarf up snacks and cupcakes and to fight over yard toys…and honest to my grandma, I’ve never seen that many blonde Aryan kids grouped together in my life.  (For a brief minute I thought I was in a remake of Village of the Damned [1960].)

My favorite of his playmates is a little girl who—bless her heart (buh-less her little heart!)—is so tiny her clothes don’t fit her, so she looks like someone caught her in the middle of a striptease.  (I joked to Mom and Dad about how popular the kid would be once she enters high school, and the reaction I received suggested that Rich of Wide Screen World might be in the distinct minority of folks who find me funny.)  I was also responsible for an embarrassing fox paw when I mistook another of his little amigos for a girl, only to be corrected by my father who gently told me: “He’s a boy, dumbass.”  (Well, if he is, the kid needs a haircut.  Freakin’ hippie flower children…) I’ll say this for the manly little fellow—he got such a kick out of Davis’ pretend lawnmower he used it to finish pretend manicuring Kat and Katie’s back lawn…almost to the point where I was worn out from watching him.


Since tomorrow will be a major day of labor for us here at Rancho Yesteryear—we’ve got a mother and daughter team going over to my old apartment in the a.m. to tackle the Herculean labor of cleaning the jernt—I probably won’t be able to get much up on the blog tomorrow…but I did want to take a quick moment to publicize that fellow CMBA compadre Kendra of Vivian Leigh & Laurence Olivier blog fame ( is sponsoring a blogathon in honor of one of the movies’ most romantic couples on July 9-10 of this year:

Rules: This blog-a-thon is open to all film bloggers (and readers) around the internet. You can write about their films, theatrical contributions, your love of their beauty, fashion, etc., any aspect of Vivien Leigh’s and/or Laurence Olivier’s careers or lives. As per the usual blog-a-thon protocol, posts should be made to your own blog on the dates listed above, and a running list of links will be posted here at Note: You do not have to write about a film that starred both Larry and Vivien. If you just want to write about Vivien, or just Larry, that’s totally fine.

shipoffoolsOne other thing: Although participants are welcome to write about any film or aspect of Vivien and Larry’s lives, it would be great if we can get posts about a variety of films rather than just the ones that are the most popular today such as Gone with the Wind.

Which won’t be a problem for me, since I’ve already told Kendra to deal me in and the movie I plan to cover is Ship of Fools (1965), for the reason that…well, perhaps I should save that for when the blogathon gets underway.  It’s also Kendra’s first blogathon (so please…be gentle) so here’s hoping she gets a nice response and Thrilling Days of Yesteryear will certainly do whatever it can to drum up support!

*In the immortal words of Clu Gulager’s character from Into the Night (1985): “I think this falls into the ‘or what’ category…”

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