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Just wanted to take a brief second from being smothered by cardboard boxes to remind the TDOY faithful that the deadline for entering the giveaway to win a free copy of Charlotte Chandler’s MARLENE: Marlene Dietrich – A Personal Biography is tonight at 11:59pm EDT.  I’ll choose a winner after that time and then will send that individual his or her prize as soon as I can…assuming I haven’t packed it by accident.  This impressive volume (a $26.00 value) would be most welcome on the bookshelf of any classic movie fan and since I don’t have copies to give out to everyone who entered I wanted to give you a heads-up and let you know that The Classic TV and Film Café is also giving away a copy of this book and you can read the details here.  You can also gaze at a pair of reviews written by (update) three of my fellow CMBA (Classic Movie Blog Association) compadres, Via Margutta 51The Great Entertainers Media Archive, and The Lady Eve’s Reel Life (it’s the same dame!), if you’re curious as to what their take is after reading this tome.

On a slightly related subject, The Classic TV and Film Café asked their readers to choose their favorite primetime animated series from “the classic era” and The Flintstones edged out Rocky and His Friends (aka The Bullwinkle Show) on a vote of 38% to 32%.  (Sounds like Pebbles was stuffing the ballot box.)

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