Stuff You Should Know

Happy birthday, Dad!


Just wanted to put the TDOY faithful on notice—these next two weeks are going to find me (in my best Billy de Wolfe impression) “busy, busy, busy!”  I’m working on a pair of projects for Radio Spirits, plus two essays for the esteemed Mr. Copeland…and there’s also the For the Love of Film (Noir) blogathon in the days ahead as well.  So if there’s any new content on the blog it will either be a miracle…or Pam decided to write something on a wild hair.

Nephew Davis!

But I did want to eat up a teensy bit of bandwidth to once again congratulate the old man for making like the Energizer Bunny again for another year—he turns seventy-nine today, and apart from his not-quite-as-endearing-as-you-would-think habit of watching TV shows like World’s Stupidest Footage of People Doing Extraordinarily Dumb Things he continues to impart his fatherly wisdom in too many awesome ways to count.  My nephew (his grandson) Davis calls him “Pop”—so to mark his natal anniversary all I can say is “I love you, Pop.”

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