Bottled in (Ward) Bond (updated)


Well, as should be apparent by now, I was a bit recalcitrant in getting up this week’s Mayberry Mondays feature—a lot of factors came into play: I watched Halloween-themed movies Sunday night, spent most of Monday night with those great silent shorts (from the likes of D.W. Griffith, George Melies, and Thomas A. Edison) on TCM, and by Tuesday what with going out to vote and watching some of the returns I pretty much threw up my hands and said ta heck wid it.  What I will do on Monday is feature two Mayberry segments—the one that was supposed to run this past Monday and the new one, so it’s almost like a full hour of R.F.D. goodness.  (Don’t even try to leave—I’ve locked the door…mwhahahahahha…)

I’ve mentioned on the blog in the past that the Encore Westerns channel has acquired the rights to the classic TV oater Wagon Train, which is scheduled to start running in January—and to show off their new acquisition, the channel has a Train marathon scheduled to ring in the new year beginning at 12:00 mid December 31/January 1 and continuing for twenty-four hours afterward.  I don’t know whether these shows will be the first twenty-four episodes or whether they’ve hand-picked “the best” because the site doesn’t have any episode info…so I guess we’ll have to wait and see how they handle that.  I’m pretty jazzed about this myself because if I can get good copies—not like those commercial-riddled shows that run on RTV, where they show the same installments every other Saturday—it might save me from having to buy the DVD box sets…though I certainly wouldn’t be averse to receiving one from Timeless Media Video as a freebie, if anyone from the company is reading this.  (Let’s be honest—you people kind of owe me one, considering all the money I’ve spent on past collections and promoting them here on the blog…not that I’m whining or anything.)  Encore Westerns, as you’re aware, is a recent acquisition at my house but when the channel got the rights to air The Virginian they rang in the new year with a similar marathon.

I’m trying my darndest to keep things rolling along here but I should issue a heads-up and let readers know that my parents have been bitten by the eBay bug and have been after me to put some items up there for sale…so if the volume of posts plummets precipitously all of a sudden, you’ll know I was unable to escape.

Update: has the schedule up for January 3, 2011, which gives us the skinny on where Wagon Train will go on their schedule.  While I’m kind of bummed that they had to eliminate one of the Gunsmoke showings (it’s on at 7am and 7:06pm; the 7am reruns have been scratched) at least they didn’t get rid of anything.  Here’s the rundown:

07:00am Cheyenne
08:00am Maverick
09:00am Lawman

Kind of neat, how they bundled all the Warner Bros. TV westerns together.  Then in the afternoons:

04:30pm The Virginian
05:47pm Wagon Train
06:38pm Have Gun – Will Travel
07:06pm Gunsmoke

I’m curious to see if the channel will show the 90-minute Wagon Train episodes from the 1963-64 season…and if I were a betting man, I’d wager that they’ll probably schedule them for a Saturday morning slot—maybe by replacing the currently-running Cimarron Strip, which has been on Encore Westerns’ schedule for quite a while.  We shall see what we shall see.

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