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The Classic Movie Blog Association announced the winners of this year’s CiMBA awards this morning—and you may want to grab hold of a chair or a couch or something in disbelief, but Thrilling Days of Yesteryear was awarded a trophy for Best Film Review (Drama)—my piece on Targets (1968), posted last November as part of the Boris Karloff Blogathon hosted by Frankensteinia.  People who’ve either read this blog or know me in person are aware that I’m rarely at a loss for words but I was certainly speechless in this particular instance.  The CiMBAs are decided upon by fellow CMBA members, which mean in a nutshell that you are being paid tribute by your peers…so to all of them who voted for TDOY, I offer my heartiest and heartfelt thanks for this honor.  (To those of them who didn’t…well, perhaps you should take your hand out of the leftover Halloween candy before I have to call Security.)

The full list of the winners is here, but I’d like to congratulate my fellow CiMBA honorees as well: R.D. Finch at The Movie Projector, TheLadyEve and Paul2 at Classic Film & TV Café, Cliff “Skyscraper Soul” Aliperti at and Classicfilmboy at Classicfilmboy’s Movie Paradise.  The bar is now open!

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