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I want my…I want my…I want my RTV


I watched the fifth season premiere of 30 Rock last week (it comes on after Community, whose second season debut I also watched) and I thought this bit of dialogue from one of the characters, Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan), was amusing:

Jack McBrayer and Tracy Morgan from 30 Rock

I love you, Kenwood! Why don’t you come back to TGS? And pick the peas out of my fried rice? And the rice…I just want carrots…

My sister-in-law, knowing of my predilection for loathing peas and carrots in fried rice, has long tried to tell me that that is the way fried rice is really prepared, despite both my and Linda at Yet Another Journal’s firmly-held conviction that doing so is a sacrilege against Chinese food. So when I heard the above snatch of dialogue, I thought briefly for a moment: “Could Linda and I be mistaken? Is fried rice really supposed to be that way?”

But then I shook off such a notion, dismissing it as crazy talk.

June Lockhart, Jon Provost, Hugh Reilly…and Lassie

Speaking of Linda, we traded a few messages via Facebook this weekend because the RTV affiliate in Atlanta is switching a bit of its programming around, and will be apparently offering Lassie reruns on Saturday mornings at 11:00am (an hour’s worth, meaning back-to-back episodes). This is majorly good news, as the RTV website doesn’t even mention the series among its list of shows—but we are curious as to what reruns will be shown. I’d love to be able to see the Tommy Rettig-Jan Clayton-George Cleveland segments (which were syndicated as Jeff’s Collie when I was a tad) but if they’re going to start with Timmy and Lassie include me out. No offense to my Facebook compadre June Lockhart, but I couldn’t stand that little Timmy kid…I’ll bet I was the only one who ever wished that Lassie wouldn’t be able to contact his folks every time the little mook tumbled down a well.

In fact, a couple of weeks ago I was channel surfing and ran across a documentary on Georgia Public Television entitled The Story of Lassie (which was produced at about the same time the 1994 feature film came out, and features grown-up versions of my sworn enemies, Jon Provost and Margaret O’Brien) that chronicled the history of the world’s most famous collie (in movies and the TV show) and when they showed a clip where Timmy skated perilously close to being mauled and eaten by a bear I was on the couch yelling “Goooo bruin!” (I know—I’m a terrible person. I’ve tried to seek help, but nothing seems to work.) Actually, whichever point in the series they start at is sort of moot because I’m generally watching the Bowery Boys movies on TCM at that time on Saturday anyway.

emergencyMy interest in seeing what Atlanta’s RTV affiliate has on tap was sparked by this post from my esteemed blogging colleague Rick “Reading is fundamental” Brooks, whose own affiliate, D.C.’s WJLA seems to offer everything on RTV menu but his beloved Kojak. (Of course, he has access to Ironside and Quincy, M.E. so I don’t know what he’s crabbing about.) Anyway, as a public service to anyone in the Atlanta-Athens area who actually reads this blog, here’s the new schedule:

10:00am Daniel Boone
11:00am The Rifleman
11:30am Bachelor Father
12:00pm Amen
12:30pm Kate & Allie
01:00pm Marcus Welby, MD
02:00pm I Spy
03:00pm The Bold Ones
04:00pm Kojak
05:00pm Adam-12
05:30pm Dragnet
06:00pm Magnum, PI
07:00pm Leave it to Beaver
07:30pm Leave it to Beaver
08:00pm Knight Rider
09:00pm Emergency!
10:00pm The Rockford Files
11:00pm The A-Team
12:00am Alfred Hitchcock Presents
12:30am The Adventures of Robin Hood
01:00am Peter Gunn
01:30am Peter Gunn

08:00am Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
08:30am Ghostbusters
09:00am The Archies
09:30am Bravestarr
10:00am She-Ra
10:30am He-Man
11:00am Lassie
11:30am Lassie
12:00pm Daniel Boone
01:00pm Alias Smith and Jones
02:00pm Laredo
03:00pm It Takes a Thief
04:00pm Run for Your Life
05:00pm Black Sheep Squadron
06:00pm The Bill Cosby Show
06:30pm The Bill Cosby Show
07:00pm Voyagers!
08:00pm Airwolf
09:00pm Mike Hammer
09:30pm Mike Hammer
10:00pm Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-In Theatre
12:00am Off Beat Cinema

10:00am Operation Petticoat
10:30am Operation Petticoat
11:00am Peter Gunn
11:30am Peter Gunn
12:00pm Wagon Train
01:00pm Alias Smith and Jones
02:00pm Laredo
03:00pm It Takes a Thief
04:00pm Run for Your Life
05:00pm That’s Incredible!
05:30pm Harry and the Hendersons
06:00pm Amen
06:30pm Amen
07:00pm Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
08:00pm Airwolf
09:00pm Battlestar Galactica
10:00pm Black Sheep Squadron
11:00pm Alfred Hitchcock Hour
12:00am Suspense Theater

Jack Benny with Tom and Dick Smothers

So they’ve yanked The Cisco KidThe Jack Benny Show, and McHale’s Navy off the schedule—but of these I’ll only miss Jack (I have all four seasons of Navy in the dusty TDOY TV-on-DVD archives); those Cisco episodes were in particularly bad shape and the color process they filmed them in had a tendency to make my eyes water. They’ve moved the Beaver reruns from their previous noon berth to a 7pm slot…maybe they’re hoping to catch the after-dinner audience, I don’t know. I also didn’t know about RTV’s cartoon offerings until Rick mentioned it on his blog—but there’s nothing on there I’m dying to see (though it’s heartening to know that the Filmation people have found a home for some of their shows).

While I’m on the subject of Mr. Brooks, he made me laugh out loud the other day when I read a post at Cultureshark in which he discussed the newest NBC comedy, Outsourced:

*You’re determined to watch NBC each Thursday at the same time until someone goes ahead and dumps this and returns “Parks and Recreation” to the schedule (if this is you, Ivan, I’m telling you, buddy, back away from the TV, and we’ll let you know when it’s back on).

Well, curiosity got the better of me and so I watched the first episode of Outsourced via the NBC On Demand function on my CharredHer cable service…and Judas H. Priest, is this show a huge stinking turd in TV’s punchbowl. (Honest to my grandma, how did this thing get on the air?) Suffice it to say, I’ll be checking in with Rick from time to time to see if there’s been any sign of Parks and Recreation on the horizon.

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