Stuff You Should Know

Set ‘em up, Joe’s


Glancing at the Flagpole website—the Flagpole is Athens’ weekly alternative newspaper—I noticed a blurb that Trader Joe’s, the high-end, health-conscious (but kinder to the wallet—unlike Whole Foods, or as Clark Howard, Elisson, the family and I refer to it, “Whole Paycheck”) grocery store based out of California is putting in a store here in Athens.

Well, maybe I should amend that to “the Athens area”…according to a post at Beyond the Trestle, the store will be located at the Markets in Oconee County—but that’s technically in the area, a miss being as good as a mile and all that rot. I called sister Kat to let her know about this (she is a Joe devotee, and frequently shops there when she’s out of town) but since she hadn’t returned home from work I gave the skinny to Mom.

“I’ll bet she’ll be excited about this,” I casually remarked, “seeing as how she likes to shop there.” “I like to shop there, too,” was my mother’s frosty response. “She just never takes me.”

Looks like the good people at Publix are going to get some competition for mi madre’s grocery dollar.

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