Stuff You Should Know

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…*


…in order for the ‘rents and I to wing our way to Wild, Wonderful West Virginia for the 2010 edition of ShreveFest (Motto: “Did somebody remember the directions?”). As I e-mailed Invaders Giveaway winner Mike Galbreath, we will kick off our journey at 7:00am with the ceremonial smashing of a champagne bottle against Mom and Dad’s trusty Toyota Corolla. (A nine-hour trip will then follow, whereupon I will piss and moan about how country music stations don’t play real country music anymore…and my father will wistfully relate tales of his halcyon youth days in which unfortunate things happen to stupid people.) While I’m in the Mountain State, I hope to score some Mister Bee potato chips (and some pepperoni rolls if I can swing it) and will meet my dearest chum The Duchess at C.J. Maggies—a restaurant that has, according to another penitentiary high school pal, “some kick-ass French Onion soup.” (“Soup? In June?” That’s from my mother.)

I’ve programmed the birthday tributes to continue in my absence…and if Pam feels like posting anything in the interim, she knows where I hide the key. Thrilling Days of Yesteryear will return on Monday…though if I’m not too shagged out when we return the night previous I might work up a little something detailing the highlights of the trip. And maybe some pictures, too.

*No, no can of Campbell’s. Don’t get me started on why not.

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