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No, not the East Side Kids vehicle from 1945…von Sternberg…


David at the blog has a blurb up that confirms what was originally mused about on this blog a week or two back—that the upcoming Josef von Sternberg Criterion release due out on August 24th will indeed contain The Docks of New York (1928) in addition to Underworld (1927) and The Last Command (1928). (I said that I’d buy it for a dollar but according to the ClassicFlix post it’s going to retail for $79.95…though they’re offering it at a discounted price of $64.99.)

I have a pretty good copy of Docks that I obtained from the Stephen Cooke archives five years ago…and my copy of Underworld came from (which they have since discontinued), so ultimately it will come down to a question of whether I want to shell out that much lucre for Last Command. Why aren’t I independently wealthy?

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