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Checking in, or Thrilling Days of Convalescence: Part 1

Hi, all…I just thought I’d take a bit of time to log in and change a few things, cosmetic-wise, that I thought Pam might not get to right away. (Speaking of which, I think you’re going to approve of her administration of TDOY while I’m on my sabbatical—she’s particularly strong in the area of celebrity passings, often sending… Continue reading Checking in, or Thrilling Days of Convalescence: Part 1

Stuff You Should Know

A Bit of News

Greetings Thrilling Days of Yesteryear fans. I'm sure you are all wondering about the lack of posts. Our always witty and brilliant host, Ivan Shreve, Jr, called me on Saturday and asked that I let you all know that he has not been able to post recently. Unfortunately, Ivan has been ill. He is in Phase I… Continue reading A Bit of News


Backasswards Father

I caught an interesting rerun of Bachelor Father on RTN this morning. And when I say interesting, I don’t mean like in content—the 1957-62 sitcom was anything but; mostly a bland, innocuous vehicle for John Forsythe that became popular only because it alternated weekly with The Jack Benny Program for two seasons before getting a weekly time slot of its… Continue reading Backasswards Father