Backasswards Father


I caught an interesting rerun of Bachelor Father on RTN this morning. And when I say interesting, I don’t mean like in content—the 1957-62 sitcom was anything but; mostly a bland, innocuous vehicle for John Forsythe that became popular only because it alternated weekly with The Jack Benny Program for two seasons before getting a weekly time slot of its own. (Not that I’m dissing the show; it’s a painless way to kill a half-hour while I’m digesting a cream cheese-covered bagel or buttered English muffin.)

But in this installment, RTN presented the final third of the episode first, the middle portion…well, in the middle, and the first third last. Threw me for a loop because since the final third came on first and included the closing credits, I thought: “Did I just sleep through part of this and not know it?”

As my pal Rick Brooks would say: “Stay classy, RTN!”

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