Stuff You Should Know

At Death’s door


“It looks like you’re getting some color back in your cheeks…if ‘grey’ can be considered a color…” – Mrs. Ivan’s mother, last week

I thought I’d tried to get something up on the blog today before it starts becoming known as “Lame Cartoons That For Some Odd Reason Make Me Laugh.” (Andrew Leal once asked me what my fascination is with Basic Instructions, the web comic written and illustrated by Scott Meyer which Andrew describes as “the strip featuring the smartass with the shaved head and goatee.” What can I say? I think it eerily parallels my own life.) I was down for the count last week and this past weekend with a malady that I really haven’t been able to name—I have cold-and-flu like symptoms (persistent cough, phlegm of indescribable proportions—that stuff that’s supposed to make those cartoon snot-people vacate your body in a thrice is bullshit, by the way) along with added features like nausea and what I like to lovingly refer to as “the trots.” (The “creeping crud” is the best description I’ve come up with so far.) My mother invited me to dinner three times last week and immediately noticed that I had no appetite for anything. My sleeping patterns were completely out-of-whack and I unfortunately how to bow out early on the For the Love of Film blogathon because I simply couldn’t locate any reservoir of energy to complete any of the essays I had planned. (Apologies to both The Siren and Ferdy, by the way.)

But now I’m feeling worlds better, and even managed to eat some sustenance without running to the facilities an hour later. I wouldn’t say TDOY is at full strength yet, but I am reassured by the fact that I appear to be able to write something for the blog without wanting to take a power nap afterward. I’m optimistic that posts will not be as few and as far between for the remainder of February, and once again, I apologize for the slack.

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