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While I’m on the subject of Columbia shorts…


The above photo is what I have currently as my desktop background on my computer—I like this photo a great deal, particularly since it features my favorite Stooge, Shemp Howard.

My father stops by Rancho Yesteryear Friday and hands me a missive he’s dashed off that he wants me to submit to the Shreve group on Yahoo!.com. The annual family reunion—which I often refer to as “the driest weekend of the year”—is June 27, and he decided to take it upon himself (despite the short notice) to make sure people knew about it.

Anyway, he sits down a chair next to my desk and glances at the computer screen, obviously noticing the Stooges display. “I recognize those fellows,” he remarks—and keep in mind, Dad loathes the comedy trio with the passion of a thousand white-hot suns.

“The next thing you’ll be telling me is that you went to different schools together,” I joked. (My father uses this a lot, particularly when the topic of discussion concerns Ann-Margret.)

“More than that,” he responded. “Two of them are my brothers.”

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