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R.I.P. Dan Seals

I love Bill Crider like a brother, but I have to stop reading his blog. His latest entry brings the devastating news of the passing of pop-country singer Dan Seals, who died of complications from a long bout with cancer at the age of 61. With his partner John Ford Coley, Seals—known as “England Dan”—recorded some of pop music’s… Continue reading R.I.P. Dan Seals

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Green, green Grass of home

Despite the resolution made in May 2008 to continue on with the season box sets of Adam-12 (though Universal had to farm out the series to Shout! Factory in order to do so)—and the recent decision to continue with Quincy, M.E. sets, I’ve come to a conclusion that may be even more difficult to accept than TDOY commenters insisting Curly is funnier than Shemp. I’ve accepted… Continue reading Green, green Grass of home

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Houston, I have a problem…

From a recent post by cocktail/film noir enthusiast Vince Keenan: I have of late – but wherefore I know not – come under attack by Chinese spammers. Thus, comments are now moderated. Don’t let it hold you back. I haven’t experienced any difficulties with Chinese spammers—I think this has something to do with the fact that I can’t get… Continue reading Houston, I have a problem…

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Return to Treasure Island

Lloyd at has posted some critical thoughts about the Warner Archive project that was rolled out yesterday…and has even succumbed to purchasing a pair of Garbo silents (Love [1927] and Wild Orchids [1929]) as well as the missing Randolph Scott-Budd Boetticher oater (missing as in not on the Boetticher-Scott set, because it was a WB release), Westbound (1959). I thought his take on the… Continue reading Return to Treasure Island

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Chuck Jones reminder

I saw this comic strip in my daily e-mail some time back, and I hung onto it to supplement this announcement that tonight at 8pm will be the premiere of TCM’s documentary Chuck Jones: Memories of Childhood. After the documentary, the channel will present eleven of the animator’s best-known shorts—including the TCM premieres of Duck Amuck (1953), One Froggy Evening (1955) and What’s Opera,… Continue reading Chuck Jones reminder

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Movies I’ve stared at recently on TCM #24 (Barbara Bel Geddes edition)

I didn’t get much accomplished this weekend, and my television activity was kept to a minimum (I know, I was just as surprised as you), but Friday night rolled out a three-feature film festival featuring one of my favorite actresses, Barbara Bel Geddes. The Long Night (1947) – I have a copy of this in the… Continue reading Movies I’ve stared at recently on TCM #24 (Barbara Bel Geddes edition)