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Never ending song of love for you…both of you…


From my home page comes the sad news of the passing of rock/folk songwriter Delaney Bramlett, who’s gone on to his rich reward at the age of 69.

Bramlett’s compositions include Let it RainSuperstar and Never Ending Song of Love—a tune that I can proudly boast I knew all the words to at the age of 8, thanks to country singer Dickey “Patches” Lee’s Top Ten cover. Bramlett had a Top 20 hit of the same song, along with other pop hits (with then-wife Bonnie) like Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way and Only You Know and I Know.

Bramlett also flexed his acting muscles a tad in a few feature films—his best-known role is that of the lead singer of the J. Hovah’s, a religious cult featured in the 1971 need-for-speed classic Vanishing Point.

Ann Savage

I was also devastated to learn that B-movie veteran Ann Savage has also left us at the age of 87. Savage, whose specialty was playing bad, bad, BAD girls is best-known as the predatory femme fatale in Edgar G. Ulmer’s noir classic Detour (1945)—a film that some say is the best B-movie of all time. Savage also made appearances in One Dangerous Night (1943; her debut film), After Midnight with Boston Blackie (1943), Passport to Suez (1943), Footlight Glamour (1943), Fire with Fire (1986) and My Winnipeg (2007).

Savage’s incredible story of her career in the movie business (and beyond) is told in an amazing book written by film noir historian Eddie Muller, Dark City Dames: The Wicked Women of Film Noir. In addition to Savage, actresses Coleen Gray, Audrey Totter, Jane Greer, Marie Windsor and Evelyn Keyes were all interviewed for the book.

R.I.P. to two unique and talented artists. They will both be missed.

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