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R.I.P., Reg Varney

A poster at In the Balcony notes that comic actor Reg Varney, star of the huge London Weekend Television sitcom hit On the Buses (1969-73), has passed away at the age of 92. I’m ashamed to admit, however, that I thought Varney had left us long before that. Premiering on ITV in 1969, Buses starred Varney as Stan Butler, a bus driver… Continue reading R.I.P., Reg Varney

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“Any of you geniuses know what ‘apparently’ means?”

TCM ran a mini-marathon last night devoted to Ralph Meeker, an underrated actor who, despite a few opportunities at leading man stardom (Kiss Me Deadly), settled in for a long stay at Character Actor Hunting Lodge with memorable roles in The Naked Spur (1953) and The Dirty Dozen (1967)…plus more TV appearances than you or I have had hot… Continue reading “Any of you geniuses know what ‘apparently’ means?”

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It’s Fancastic!

I’ve talked about websites like and on the blog before, and while a good many people enjoy Hulu (and that’s their right, of course) I’m partial to Fancast because…well, it seems to me they have a few more rare obscurities than the Hulu folks. Among the films that I’ve discovered at Fancast that are not available yet… Continue reading It’s Fancastic!

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“Evenin’, folks—how y’all?”

Monday evening, I was having a chat on the phone with Philip Schweier, a longtime TDOY reader (let’s put it this way—his wife has threatened to name this blog as co-respondent in any potential divorce proceedings) who wanted some information on Cass Daley (you may have seen this request in the comments section of the “Giddy as… Continue reading “Evenin’, folks—how y’all?”

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“He don’t know me very well…do he?”

While “official” season-by-season releases of Richard “Red” Skelton’s classic TV show have yet to dot the DVD landscape (with the exception of his last season, the collection that used to be heavily advertised on TV) you can find plenty of public domain compilations available—all in various states of picture quality. Timeless Media Group, on the other… Continue reading “He don’t know me very well…do he?”

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Now I know my ABCs…

The enigmatic, shadowy blogger known as Stacia (she blogs…by night!) has a meme up at her crib asking folks to name their favorite films that correspond with the 26 letters of the alphabet. (Apparently this originated with Fletch at Blog Cabins, a spirited young movie maven who would appear to have almost as much free time as your… Continue reading Now I know my ABCs…