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Joan of Arabia

Posting may be spotty the next day or so because I’m finishing up a pair of projects for the fine people at First Generation Radio Archives (ask for them by name!). But I took a brief breather yesterday to wallow in a bit of nostalgia, courtesy of TCM. The film? Harem Girl, a 1952 comedy romp starring TDOY fave Joan… Continue reading Joan of Arabia

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“Little black sheep…come back home…”

The Sunday Athens Banner-Herald had a nice write-up by Julie Phillips yesterday on the late Hall Johnson, a native of the city who achieved a great deal of fame as a musician and composer beginning in the 1920s with his founding of the Hall Johnson Choir: Hall Johnson walked the streets of Athens long before the indie rock musicians… Continue reading “Little black sheep…come back home…”

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My demands have been met

I don’t how many of you out there who have the misfortune to welcome CharredHer (Charter) Cable into your homes, but this weekend after returning from dog-sitting I put one of its niftier features to work. They offer an “On Demand” service (they’re not unique in this, of course, other cable companies do the same)… Continue reading My demands have been met

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“H-A-double R-I…G-A-N spells Harrigan…”

One movie. Of all the movies I had taped from Fox Movie Channel this past month on sister Kat’s DirecTV DVR, one movie is the total fruit of my labors. You can just imagine my disillusionment. I don’t remember exactly which movies I had planned to tape, but I know two of the titles—A Hatful… Continue reading “H-A-double R-I…G-A-N spells Harrigan…”

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“You just don’t look right, boy…you just don’t look right…”

In another six hours, TCM will celebrate the 95th birthday of one of the most famous comedic clowns to appear on radio and television, Richard “Red” Bernard Skelton (who sadly left us in 1997). As a Skelton fan, I’ve written a number of posts/essays on the blog over the years, and I had planned to… Continue reading “You just don’t look right, boy…you just don’t look right…”

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G.I. Jo (1917-2008)

I have just learned from Terry Teachout at About Last Night that popular 1940s/1950s female vocalist Jo Stafford has passed on at the age of 91. I haven’t been able to track down an online obituary yet, but Terry’s post will more than suffice. (Update: As astute TDOY reader Julia notes, The Washington Post now has one up.) Terry points out that Stafford isn’t remembered by… Continue reading G.I. Jo (1917-2008)