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RTN…we have a problem


The ‘rents stopped by for a visit yesterday, and I’m pleased to report that they appeared to have had a splendiferous time. The night before their visit, however, I didn’t get bedded down ‘til about 2:00am…and I then spent the next four hours lying awake while my insomnia took my central nervous system pub-crawling, or something to that effect. So I got up at 6:00 to prepare Castle Yesteryear for their arrival.

I figured the ETA for Mom and Dad to be about 10:00am, which gave me plenty of time to tidy up—but by 11:30 they still hadn’t shown, so I decided to flop out and try to get forty winks until their arrival. (Somehow, I managed to sleep though the UPS guy’s gently rapping, rapping on my chamber door.) Dad finally shows up around 12:45, and he was dashed decent enough to take me out for a bite to eat…but only a quick one, because he had to meet a couple of guys he hired to move the stuff out of his rented truck into his storage building here in Athens at 2:00pm.

As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one running on fumes yesterday: sister Kat picked up one of her pals from the Atlanta airport—the friend’s plane was due in at midnight but didn’t get in until 3:30am—and then came back to her friend’s apartment to find that not only did she not toss out some milk before her departure (which was in June) but that the carton had swelled to three times its original size and they had to get it out of the house before it exploded. Said friend also neglected to do some dishes before her trip, and came up with the novel idea of putting the dishes in the refrigerator until she got back. Meanwhile, at my parents’ stately Savannah domicile, the power went off around 4pm earlier that day (Mom thinks a transformer blew) and didn’t return until after midnight—which means Dad probably got the full seven minutes before he and Mom began the trek to Athens. (We all got together for some steaks later on and it was sort of like “Dinner of the Walking Dead.”)

While I was waiting for Mater and Pater’s arrival, I checked out the “new” schedule at RTN…and apparently they’re still waiting for some of the “new” shows in the lineup. I had wanted to watch Bachelor Father but it was replaced by a Leave it to Beaver episode, and when I checked in briefly to The Bold Ones at 3:00pm, it, too, was swapped for two more episodes featuring the family Cleaver. (I guess this won’t bode well for some of the shows I was going to take a look at this weekend, particularly Run for Your Life.)

Mel Blanc

Oddly enough, the two Jack Benny shows run between 10 and 11 were the same public domain installments (one was the Yuletide-themed show where Jack drives sales clerk Mel Blanc to suicide, the other this New Year’s Eve episode I mentioned here) available on DVD (I’m thinking particularly of the Mill Creek boxset) and the episode I caught this morning involved Jack’s Hong Kong suit and guest star Gisele McKenzie. To continue this confusion, I flipped past the Dragnet episode showing at 5:30 yesterday to see…gasp…Joe Friday in black-and-white! Again, I’m pretty certain it’s a PD episode—but I didn’t linger on it long enough to see which one. I have to admit, I’m sort of baffled by these turn of events—so if anyone can offer up a reasonable explanation, the comments section has operators standing by…

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